5 Reasons You Should Invest In Electronic Signature Solution

Around the world, companies and Individuals have started using electronic signatures and saying no to pen and paper signing. The electronic signatures are enabling organizations to optimize their workflows and management processes.

Cygnature gives you 5 reasons why you should also invest in an electronic signature solution:

  1. Security and Tracking: When any document is signed, how do we know the document is securely signed by intended signer only. In today’s world we have so many cross border communications happening with exchange in documents and trade alliances. In an environment like this, it becomes important to securely store important documents after the signing is done. The paper signing creates a question on signing process and signer’s authenticity. Increasing fraud and cyber threat has increased the worries on document tampering. Storing and protecting documents has become integral part of businesses. Electronic signatures help you sign the documents in minimal time and store the documents on cloud on secure servers. These documents are highly protected and are irreversible once signed. With Cygnature your documents are stored on Blockchain and hence there is complete protection to your documents. You can always view the document tracker and see who signed it, when, where and how.
  2. Signer Authentication: When paper signing is done, you never know who has signed the document unless you sign a document in person. The risk of authentication of signer increases with paper signing. An Electronic Signature saves these paperwork hassles and lets you know the real identity of signers. Signers true identity like their email ID ’s, hardware passkeys, software passkeys, IP address, etc. With Cygnature you can know the signers signing location like latitude & longitude, IP address, browsers details, device details etc. The cherry on cake is this all details are stored on blockchain and hence cannot be changed or tampered with. So when you sign any document with Cygnature, you know the exact identity of the signer, where he has signed the document and how he has signed the document.
  3. Save Time and Cost: An average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost documents. The paperwork signing when happens at two different places within two different companies, it becomes more of manual work like scanning, printing, signing, email etc. Printing, storing and Managing of these documents again is a cost. With electronic Signatures, it is easy for you to store and manage documents over the cloud. Moreover, you know your documents are always accessible and securely protected. Cygnature protects your signed documents using the blockchain technology and hence there is no chance of tampering or loss of documents.
  4. Bring efficiency in businesses: With Technology getting advanced day by day, business is seen moving to more efficient ecosystem’s that reduce the cost and bring out more efficiency in the business process. Companies are looking to go technologically advanced so that their customers and stakeholders experience and embrace advancement. The manual work with documents becomes difficult to manage and hence a shift is seen from manual to digital process and automation. Investing in electronic signatures helps companies get rid of these manual processes and move more towards automation, and security. With Cygnature signing and managing documents becomes so easy that you can sign almost any document in only 60 seconds.
  5. Customer experience and environmental benefits: Irrespective of where you and your client is located, with electronic signatures you are covered. You can sign any vital document with electronic signatures from any remote places. Electronic Signatures lets you and your clients sign documents anywhere, anytime and any device to help the signing process happen fast and secure. Saying goodbye to paper signing helps your company to make a positive impact on the environment.

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