Automated Bulk Signing

Say Hello to Automated Bulk Signing with Cygnature

What is Automated Bulk Signing

E-signatures have long been into existence. Businesses have already adopted automated bulk signing – a solution that allows you to can sign multiple documents with ease in just a few clicks. It directly picks the documents from your designated folder and signs pdf documents online. It is a completely automated bulk signing solution that makes it a very simple process of signing documents.

What does the Solution do?

  1. Automatically picks the documents from the respective folder so that they can be signed.
  2. It digitally signs the pdf that needs the signatures for authorization.
  3. After signing the documents, they are placed back in the folder from where they were picked.
  4. You don’t need to stay on the screen for each signature, it works as a background service. Therefore, while it is signing the documents you can do some other vital tasks.
  5. It also emails these digitally signed pdf documents to the pre-decided recipients, that you already added in the email list.
  6. It also provides robust errors handling during automation, not interfering with the signing process going on in the background.
  7. This solution provides you with a dashboard that gives you an overview of your signing activities. You can see the same through stats or graphs.
  8. This solution supports the server-side, client-side and API based signing.
  9. Easy to use and understand.

Rich Functionalities of PDF Bulk Signing Solution

Cygnature’s PDF Bulk Signing Solution has some rich functionalities that make it everyone’s first choice.

  • You can affix a DSC or signature image after completing the signing process.
  • You can affix the signature from the USB dongle or PFX file to add a signature.
  • This solution supports single DSC as well as multiple DSC.
  • This solution supports the bulk signing of documents.
  • It also has the capability of signing the Single Page / Multi Page document.
  • It has a unique feature of Retry Sign when DSC available, which allows you to retry signing the documents when the DSC is shown as unavailable.
  • It also has multi-document support in a single ‘running’ PDF.
  • After the signing process is complete it emails the signed document.
  • For security purposes it allows you to set a document password before sending the email.

Extensive Configurations

  • It allows the user to configure the DSC at the location, business and subscriber.
  • It can set different DSC for different document categories.
  • Has the option of First / Last / Custom page signing.
  • Can easily set X-Y coordinates for signing
  • Allows you to place signature based on text location
  • It has the ability to manage location-wise PDF and signature.
  • It allows active directory integration
  • You can manage the Email settings from your end.

Why Choose Cygnature for Automated Bulk Signing

Cygnature is one of the best e-signing solutions and it is known for its quality results. The Automated bulk signing solution of Cygnature comes with a lot of advantages. It increases the efficiency of the offices and allows them to sign multiple documents in less time.

Fully Automated

It is a fully automated solution that works seamlessly without manual intervention


It is an on-premise solution that allows you to sign lakhs of documents per month based on user requirements.


It is a completely secure solution as it protects PDF with a password and emails the PDF to the recipient after the signing process is complete.


This solution can be easily integrated with SAP Smart Forms by converting them to Adobe forms and then to PDF before signing them.

Cygnature makes documentation easy and fast for organizations. If you are looking for to solve your problem of signing multiple documents every day and save you time, then you can get in touch with the Cygnature Team on hello@cygnature.

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