Authentication of Mark Sheet/Certificate


Technology advancement has helped university to reach student living at distant place. Student can now enroll, learn & take exams online. Education portal built on latest technology to help student collaborate with peers, professor & alumni.  The avenues such as digital classroom, online exams, collaborative platform has made breakthrough development. However, university still prefer to award degree to student with paper. The digitization of certificate issuance cycle is still in nascent stage.

In an era of globalization, employers &university enroll international student/employee. They want to get to sure, that the recruit academia is authenticate. This is a big challenge. The process of degree verification is very lengthy& troublesome. Once, the university start awarding digital certificate to the student. Degree verification cycle will shorten. University/Employer can use recruit university website/3rdparty platform to the verification purpose.  The solution will help identify student with fake degree boasting confidence university/employer to recruit more international candidate.


Mark sheet/Degree verification is a time consuming, untraceable & many time demand physical presence. The effectiveness of postal/courier request is often negated, as the receiver identity remain unknown.On the other University deploy resources who will physically verify the degree &respond to the degree verification request.  In a case of large volume, this result in longer response time. In such case, the probability of student working/studying with international employer/university reduces drastically.

Signature Process-physically

Cygnet help universities take a new stance in certificate issuance process.The solution digitizesstudent records using latest digital encryption technologies to cater to on demand digital verification process ensuring data security & integrity. For past student record, certificates are scan & stored on secured storage for on-demand retrieval.


For Students

– Enable access & sharing document digitally.
– Ability to share verified university record with prospective Employers & University.
– Remote Access to verified university records.

For University

– Issue authentic degree certificate to student digitally.
– Faster turnaround for degree verification request from employer & universities.

For Employers/3rd party verification

– Easy verification of fake & tempered certificate
– Recruit global talent with authenticate degree.