E-signatures and API’s: How they benefit the organizations

E-signatures and API’s: How They Benefit The Organizations

APIs are fast, secure, powerful and developer-friendly. E-signatures have become very crucial these days in the line of business where numerous documents need to be signed. E-signatures make life easy by smoothening the process, making it effortless and enhancing the customer goodwill with high-end security. But, one challenge is implementing these in your current software or system, unless you have a development team of your own. The best solution for this is the API.

This is a robust technology that allows you to embed powerful electronic signature apps to your product or service. Integrating the APIs to your system and sign documents, request signatures form the third party and seamlessly automate your forms and data. With APIs, you can streamline the signing processes that not only save your time but cost in the long run.

Benefits of e-signature APIs

The most apparent and important benefit of having an e-signature API is reducing the cost. With APIs, you save your time, money and resources and assign them some new tasks that will be more beneficial. I am not saying e-signature API will not cost you a penny but will cost you much less than a full-fledged development team.

Another important benefit that can be considered in signature APIs is confidence. The team does not have to wait for months while the MVP is being developed to find out what is missing, and you are free from the stress of indulging in new areas of development. With the APIs, you can test it immediately to assure the solution works as per your requirements. The plus point of APIs is that they are highly customizable and can be fine-tuned based on personal expectations and requirements.

Cygnature API can be integrated Seamlessly

The Cygnature APIs can easily integrate the e-signing features in your websites, mobile apps or CRM platforms faster and with more security. It’s developer-friendly API breaks through the development cycles, cross-platform barriers, and language support, allowing you to sign anytime, anywhere. Cygnature API can be easily integrated into the CRM, Document Management Systems, Workflow, Business Systems, Web and Mobile Applications, etc. In short, it makes everything very easy for the developers and gives an amazing user-experience while yet reducing the cost and time.

Why Cygnature API is Better than Others

APIs are very beneficial when it comes to e-signatures. There is more than one reason why you should choose Cygnature APIs for your company. Let’s understand each of them better.

Highly Secure

Cygnature API’s are known for giving the highest security when it comes to e-signature. Their prime focus is to secure the signatures and identity of the users and safeguard the systems from any kind of security breach. It is built on Blockchain that is highly secure and ensures to keep every single data intact.

Integrates Seamlessly

You can seamlessly integrate Cygnature API in your mobile apps, website, shopping portals, and deliver rich and secure signing experience to your users. It smoothly and without any interference in your current system can be integrated into the CRM, Document Management Systems, Workflow, Business Systems, Web and Mobile Applications, etc.

Saves Cost & Time

Cygnature API not only saves your time but money too. We believe that time is money, hence we save both for you with our easy to use and integrate APIs. Fast integration and bulk documentation save a huge amount of time and money as the paper use is cut to zero.

Flexible & Customizable

Cygnature APIs are entirely harmonious and are fully customizable so you don’t have to settle for less. APIs can be done based on the requirements of the business or the product, we don’t compromise on the quality in any case. The APIs are flexible and easily integrated into any system with simple codes.

Closing Note: Why organizations need APIs?

Adapting nay new technology is a challenge in the beginning, but with APIs, you have set everything in line and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. This new technology comes with many awards and unfound opportunities that will excite your users. APIs are essential because they are faster, safer and cheaper for the organization. They smoothen the process and fasten the results by delivering documents in just a few clicks. Get verified, and secure e-signatures APIs to make your life easy and faster. Cygnature APIs are top-notch and high secured. If you are looking to integrates APIs to your current system, then you can get in touch with our team on hello@cygnature.io

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