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    Accelerate your internal approvals

    Accelerate your internal approvals signing process

    Streamline the approval process with Bulk Signing, which allows the relevant authority to digitally sign and approve various documents such as Project Approvals, Budget Approvals, Test Results, SOWs, etc. One can track the status of all digitally signed papers using the document summary page and the search capability.

    Comply with the GST regulatory requirement of digital signing

    As per GST regulations, all forms, and invoices are required to be digitally signed. Automate bulk signature for an unlimited number of documents, such as GST invoices, Debit and Credit notes while ensuring security and traceability. 

    Sign contracts online faster than ever

    Get online contracts signed quickly and easily by sending the Confirmation Balance Documents to vendors and getting a quick acknowledgment from them.

    Digital or Electronic Signature Conundrum

    Do you prefer digital signatures to electronic signatures? Allow users to select a digital signature for Vendor Agreements, Purchase orders, Balance Confirmation Documents, Work Orders, etc.

    Cygnature is a blockchain-based digital signing solution that authenticates signers, offers them a range of signature types for signing and protects the integrity of the document.

    How can Cygnature help your business?

    Supports multiple signature types- Electronic, Digital, Biometric, National ID signatures, etc.

    Provides Blockchain security to the documents

    Workflow can be set up following four easy steps- uploading a document, choosing signers, setting placeholders, selecting signature types, etc.

    Track and verify your document status with solid timestamps and audit trails

    Seamless integration of e-signature APIs with web portals, applications, and website

    On cloud and on-premises deployment

    Subscription plans to suit the needs of clients based on volume

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    A secured and most comprehensive digital signing solution