Secure e-Signature solution for individuals and organizations

Cygnature is a blockchain based digital signing solution that gives you a wide variety of signature types to choose from, for signing the documents online. It is secure and provides DSC and PKI based digital signatures, which are officially accepted to sign documents online as per the law of India.

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    What is Cygnature

    An award-winning e-Signing solution that securely authenticates signers, offers them a range of signature types for signing along with protecting the integrity of the document. Cygnature enables quick signing of documents from anywhere and anytime using any device.

    Why Cygnature?

    Cygnature acts as a one-stop Digital Signing solution for customers globally across domains, and for businesses of all sizes.

    The following points make Cygnature a unique digital signing solution:


    Cygnature is driven by a broad suite of features to provide complete end-to-end digital signing capabilities.

    Sending Documents for Signing

    • Extensive document file type support
    • Document Tracking
    • Document Templating
    • Bulk Sending
    • Data Validation

    Security & Blockchain Stamping

    • Two-factor OTP Authentication
    • Capture geo-location, browser details, device details
    • Blockchain Transaction Audit Trail
    • Certificate of completion
    • Email and mobile number verification

    Other Features

    • Multi lingual Support
    • Customized Summary Reports & Analytics
    • Custom Branding
    • Signer's Calendar
    • RPA Support
    • Bird Eye Dashboard Stats