Sign HR Documents with Electronic Signatures.

Go Digital. Save Paper. Delight Employees.

Did you know?

The Average Office Worker uses 10,000 sheets of papers per year. We assume HR usage of paper is even higher.

Cygnature is an award-winning electronic signature solution that eliminates paperwork and improves HR efficiency

Sign All HR Documents Electronically

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Offer Letters

Company Policies

Relieving Letters

Employment Contracts

Appraisal Forms



Cygnature is the Perfect Solution for HR Teams.

Cygnature offers a broad spectrum of features to help the HR executive to go digital. Cygnature is an easy to use solution with a modern web and mobile interface that is a pleasure to use for sending and signing documents. Moreover it is secure and prevents document tampering.

Easy to use

Simply upload the document, select signers, selecting signing types, set placeholders and send for signing

Signing Types

Electronic, Digital or Biometric, choose to sign anytime, anywhere. Use LIVE Cygnature for remote signing

Signing Flows

Sequential, Parallel, or Bulk, you can choose the signing flow as per the needs

Secure Signing

Capture device, IP, browser and location for each signature. Store every step on the blockchain.

See What Our users Are Saying

As a HR Industry we have lot of paperwork that is very confidential. So we were looking ways for a more secured signing solution that eliminates the paperwork hassles. With Cygnature we have the documents signed and protected by Blockchain, Now that’s a perfect signing solution.


Sums Corp

At CIPL, since the time we have started using Cygnature, we have more time to focus on the real HR work, talking and listening to employees. All paperwork and signing is now done through Cygnature and I must say it is a best decision we took.

Bhoomi Mehta


You can trust a Winner

Cygnature has won the best blockchain solution award twice in a row

Go Beyond Signature. Do Cygnature

Take your HR Division on the Digital Transformation Journey
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