Give More To Your People Not Paper

Streamline the Processes, Don’t waste time in Paperwork

Fasten the government processes that take day or weeks to process documents, wasting time in filing, signing, verifying & storing documents. Cut costs on the Paperwork and manual processing of the paperwork. Utilize efficiently & give more the people.

Features that will enable smooth & secure esigning for the Government bodies

High Security with Blockchain

Government documentation carries the most confidential information of the state, country and that needs to be taken highest care when handling. With Cygnature the documents are secured with Blockchain technology.

Multiple Signature Types

Cygnature supports multiple signatures types from simple electronic signatures to advanced biometric signatures. Cygnature also supports signing of documents using the National ID’s of the countries.

Supports different device Signing

With Cygnature it is possible to sign documents using desktops, Tablets, Mobiles, or laptops. So it makes sure that you can sign documents anytime and anywhere using any device making the signing process easy and fast.

Benefits to the Government bodies


Avoid Paperwork and Paper Hassles

No more the paper filing or signing documents manually at each desk. Say yes to electronic signatures and save environment.


Deliver Digital Experience

Why keep the public wait long to get the documents signed from the government authorities. Sign quick, easy and secure with Cygnature. Deliver a fast and rich experience to the citizens.


Say Goodbye to Fraud and Tampering

Electronic signatures when compared to wet ink signatures are always more secure and cannot be forged or tampered with.

Use Cases

  • Forms for various services
  • Approvals on grants
  • Investing and lending documents
  • Tax documents
  • Permit & licensing documents
  • Legal and HR documentation
  • Internal processes

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