How A Cygnature Certificate Of Signing Helps In Conflict?

Wet ink signatures & conflicts

The Wet ink signatures are cumbersome to use. Every time you want to sign a document you need to print it first, Sign the document, Scan the signed document and then email it to the person you want to send it. The overall process of wet ink signatures creates delays in signing process that leading to increase in timeline of the processes of organizations. Signing documents using pen and paper increases environmental concerns due to increase in consumption of paper.

What is Cygnature certificate of signing

The certificate of completion is the certificate that is generated after the signing process is completed successfully. It contains details of all signer’s device details, browser, IP address, Latitude/Longitude, Geo location, google maps location and timestamp.

The Certificate of completion logs entire audit log of the signing transactions like all the activities that have happened on the document. It also logs the google maps location on the signing certificate of the signers. It records the timestamp of all the activities that happen on the document.

What all the certificate captures

Audit Trail: The Audit Trail is the complete log of the activities that happens to the document from the uploading of the document to the signing completion. The Audit trail logs the timestamps for document creation and for each signing done by the signers.

After the signing process is successfully completed the Audit Trail captures the following elements of both signers: Email id, IP Address, browser details, device details, Location & Timestamps, which is displayed in the Cygnature Certificate.

Browser details:In Cygnature the browser details are tracked. The Certificate of completion tracks the name of browser that was used during the signing process. If there are multiple signer browser details of all signers will be tracked and shown on certificate of Completion for signer/multiple signer(s).

Device: Cygnature allows users to sign documents on all devices like Laptop, system, Tablet or a Mobile. When a particular signer signs a document using any of these device, Cygnature tracks the device type whether it’s a mobile, tablet, system or a laptop. The device details are shown on the certificate of completion for signer/multiple signer(s).

Latitude/Longitude: Latitude and longitude are angles that uniquely define points on a sphere. Together, the angles comprise a coordinate scheme that can locate or identify geographic positions on the surfaces of planets such as the earth. When a particular signer signs a document from a location Cygnature tracks the location and the details on Latitude and latitude degrees that indication signer’s location are shown on the certificate of completion for signer/multiple signer(s).

OS: Cygnature allows users to sign documents using multiple operating systems like Windows. When a particular signer signs a document using any of these Operating Systems, Cygnature tracks the operating system used and these details are shown on the certificate of completion for signer/multiple signer(s).

Timestamp: The Timestamp is the exact time on which some activity on the document is performed like uploading of the document, signing document, or any such other activity related to the document signing.

IP Address:  The IP address an Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. For eg.111.222.333.444. In Cygnature the IP address of the device which was used to upload/sign the document is tracked and shown in the certificate of completion. If there are multiple signer, all IP’s of signers will be tracked and shown on certificate of Completion.

How Certificate of Signing helps

In a situation of a conflict signer, signers or uploaders can show the certificate of completion as a proof of signing of the document that tracks each and every step and activity on the document. When so many things on the document signing are recorded and specifically stored on blockchain hence there is no chance of tampering to the document neither there is issue or conflict on the document signed.

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