How Digital Signatures helps in Streamlining the Sales?

How Digital Signatures Helps in Streamlining the Sales?

In any organization, each department contributes towards its growth, but the main ones are Sales and Business Development because they are the ones that start everything. Yes, they have an important role to play in bringing new clients as well as holding the old ones. They must be smart, fast, attentive and should be aware of the products in order to achieve their target to increase the profits for the firm. However, they have their own challenges to deal with while achieving the same.

Top Sales Challenges:

  • Verbal Approvals/ Deals: They have many clients who give verbal “OK” on the deal as preparing the detail sales agreement takes time and taking signatures on them too. But, some of them say no later.
  • Poor Paper Management: There may be a scenario where they get the deal signed but either the agreement gets misplaced or the signatures on them has some issues or the details on them are incorrect and so on. Leading to missing out on the deal again.
  • Time-Consuming Process: The entire process of preparing the proposals as well as getting it printed, scanned and signed takes a lot of time. Not everyone is ready to wait for it in today’s time.
  • Target and Deadlines: They are on edge towards getting new deals and pressurized to meet their predefined goals but are stuck in lengthy documentation.

To overcome these challenges in the past would have been difficult but today, when the world has adapted “Digitization” with open arms, this has become very easy. One of the simplest ways to implement digitization that benefits your sales and business development team is implementing digital signatures on your documentation process.

Companies with foresight are saying “yes” to this digital transformation that reduces their repetitive and mundane tasks like dealing with physical documentation and signatures.

Why Sales Team Should Say a Big YES to E-Signatures?

  • Close Deals Faster: Signing contracts and closing the deals take a lot of time of the Sales staff. With the use of digital signatures, they are able to close the deals faster as they can get client’s signatures from anywhere anytime.
  • Saves Cost and Time: The huge amount of money is spent printing the agreement for sealing a deal and scanning the same again and again. All this can be avoided thus reducing the average costs and time spent on a deal by digitizing the entire process and taking the paperwork online. You can make changes whenever you want, and those documents signed anytime without the need to print them.
  • Increased Accuracy and Decreased Errors: Since the documentation process and any alterations made in it can be tracked easily in real-time, it reduces the data forgery thereby making it more secure and accurate. Also, Human errors in customer deals or contracts, like poor handling of documents, etc. can be avoided.
  • Better Forecast: Being able to track the entire documentation process and getting complete knowledge of when it was opened or signed allows your sales team to have a better idea about the deal closure.
  • Better Document Management: Since the documents can be accessed from anywhere, any changes on it can be handled and tracked, unlike the physical documents. And the effort of making progress from each department as well as the client can be reduced. Also, the risk of document damage and forgery is less.
  • Instant Verification: With the help of digital and electronic signatures, your sales staff can verify the client by verifying their email addresses and mobile numbers online. They can also verify their identity by aadhaar e-signatures.
  • Lowers risk of legal issues: As the details of when the document was signed and at what location and by whom is mentioned in the e-signature software, the risk of legal issues is less.
  • Master on Live Interactions: The concept of “LIVE” is in trend today. The e-signature services providers help your Sales staff to provide the facility of LIVE signatures to build trust among your clients thereby closing the deal from any location.

E-Signatures is the Next Sales Mantra

It is way clear from the above-mentioned points that integrating electronic and digital signatures to your Sales strategy would be a wise decision. Incorporating e sign develops the sales workflow without disrupting the existing process. It also holds a positive impact on the environment as it contributes towards saving papers. Many organization is realizing the benefits of using digital signatures to accelerate their sales and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Closing Note

Digital Signatures have become very important to almost all businesses when it comes to signing documents and keeping a record of the same. We at Cygnature help you by providing a safer, faster, and simpler e-sign solution that will assist your sales team in closing sales deals faster and with more security. You can get in touch with our experts on to see how our solutions best fit your organization’s needs.

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