How Digitization can boost Productivity at Work?

How Digitization Can Boost Productivity At Work?

With technology being so fast-paced, it’s difficult to believe that some businesses are still running on the paper. Not only this, but there are many firms, sectors where the paper is the main source of communication which in turn slows down the entire process. Job satisfaction is also a reason that will affect the productivity of a person. Having a paperless office is still a milestone to be achieved.  However, many businesses have started their way towards digitizing everything, but this is going to take some time.


According to HubSpot “An average employee spends 28% of his/her workday, focusing on unnecessary distractions. Even worse, workers spend 27% of office hours feeling disorganized.”

Major Reasons Behind Low Productivity at Work

There are many reasons for seeing low productivity at work. But some major reason that affects the work efficiency of an employee are:


Doing multiple tasks at one time and not focusing on completing one task, delays in completion of all tasks. This has become a major reason for a drop-down in productivity. Employers expect their employees to do multiple tasks at a single time. Then there is another issue the paperwork. You have to print documents, store them in the correct place, take signatures and then again store them. It’s a lot of work and you tend to forget what document is kept where.

Meetings & Approvals

Another reason for a drop-down in productivity is meetings, these meetings could be impromptu or planned ones. Half their times go in taking approvals and signatures on documents. Here’s what a study by Doodle has to say.


41% meetings length is 31-60minutes, while 39% of meetings length is 16-30 minutes.

If the office was paperless then a lot of time would have been saved. You could easily upload the documents on the portal, assign the documents for signing and send them across to the final authority and get approvals. This way you save time in commuting from one place/desk to the other only for approvals.

Inadequate Technologies

Technology is advancing but offices are not having adequate technologies to smoothen their processes and lessen the paperwork of the employees. Everything is done manually which kills a lot of time and sheds a lot of money. If they replaced a few manual things with technologies things would have been done faster, like documentation and approval process.

Why Being Productive at Work is Important?

Being productive is important for both the company and for oneself.

Organization Benefit

If you are more productive then you will help in adding to the ROI of the company. When the work is slow, results-driven are also very low which means the company’s ROI is affected a lot. So, it’s very crucial to be highly productive at work.

Personal Benefit

Being productive at work is good for your personal growth too. If you can complete tasks faster, you will be able to give time for self-growth. You will get an appreciation for good work and you also are a step closer towards professional growth too. For an organization, if an employee finishes tasks on or before time then they add value to the company, hence it is vital to be productive.

Top 5 Tips to Help Boost Productivity

When productivity is the only key to grow and succeed then these 5 tips will be of great help. For any organization’s growth, these are important.

Pick Right Tools & Software

Documentation is one place where a lot of time is consumed, and productivity is hampered to a great extent. What are you equipped with your team with some right equipment and software that reduced their work and made it even quicker for them to complete? Cygnature is one such tool that will help you in your documentation process and the signing process too. You can get rid of the mess in the storage room with all the flies and store all your data here. Cygnature brings to you the most unique features for documentation and e-signing them to process further. This way you can speed all the processes and use your resources for other better things.

Track & Limit Your Time

Start tracking the time you take in completing each task. Once you have seen how much time you take, start limiting it. For Example: if you take 1 hour to complete your document process, then reduce it to 45, this way you will speed and be able to keep a track of it and see if you are losing any time.

Follow the 2-Minute Rule

When you know a task will take you no more than 2-minutes to complete, don’t extend it just because you know it will take you only 2-minutes. Rather start it right away and finish it. The more you throw it back for later the more it will be delayed. This will boost your productivity to a great extent.

Work in 90-Minute Intervals

When doing documentation on the system for a long-time you strain your hands, neck, and shoulders. So, you should take regular intervals. Take a break every 90-minutes to relax. This will help in enhancing your performance. If any documentation takes longer than expected, then you are not working in the right way. Change your style, take regular intervals.

De-clutter & Organize Your Desk

This is the best way to improve your productivity. Remove all the paper from your desk and organize everything. One best way to do this is to go paperless. Store all your documents on the system, in different folders so you know where to find what. Going paperless helps in saving the time you take to organize them and store them. Documenting everything online keeps you organized, and you never lose any document.

Closing Note – How Cygnature Can Help you Boost Your Productivity?

Employee productivity is the principal element of a successful company. Cygnature is an all-in-one solution for electronic, digital & biometric signatures that are powered and secured by Blockchain. It is an award-winning solution that is a feature-rich and easy to use paperless office solution. It provides enhanced security and high-level transparency in the documentation and signing process. You save a lot of your time and yet complete all your tasks on time. There is a great importance of technology in enhancing productivity. See what global stats have to say.


75% of organizations globally are moving towards productivity tools to enhance performance.

55% of retailers believe technology plays a great role in their productivity.

Before you lose a lot, get in touch with our experts and see how we can help you organize your work and enhance your productivity. To know more get in touch with us on

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