How do digital signatures really work?

How Do Digital Signatures Really Work?

Need of Digital Signatures

Before getting into the concept of digital signatures, you might be thinking that is there really a need of digital signatures? I mean isn’t the paperwork serving our needs. Isn’t the traditional method we are following good enough?

Well, the answer is simple, yes, we do need digital signatures as the entire work process is going online. The traditional method of paperwork is quite cumbersome to serve the need of the era. Many industries currently are longing for an easy solution to end the pile of paperwork on their desks, as well as hassle-free communication across the globe.

Yet people are thinking about the security or authentication while going paperless and here is where the digital signatures play an important role. They are the most secure form of e-signatures and keeps the confidentiality of your documents too. They provide transparency among all online communication and build trust among communicators.

A Brief about Digital Signatures?

A digital signature is a form of electronic signature that describes the authenticity of a document between two parties communicating online. It ensures that the sender of the document and the message from the sender and his identity is unaltered and is authentic or valid.

Got the point about digital signatures? Now let’s get on the actual mechanism of it so that you get to know how secure it is.

Working Model of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures work with a mathematical algorithm that ensures that the digital message or a digital document is valid and authentic and was not modified from the time it was signed and sent by the sender to the receiver.

How does the Algorithm Work?

The electronic/digital document signed gets converted to the hash message by using a sender’s private key and hence the entire message sent and signed by the sender is encrypted and ensures security. Since this hash is as unique as fingerprints, the message cannot be altered.

Once the recipient gets the hash messages, he generates his own hash of message as well as decrypts the senders hash using the public key sent by the sender. If both the hash matches, it ensures that the message or the document has been unaltered or not modified in between.

The Next Level of Signature: Digital Signatures

Since the document signing process is the crucial one as it guarantees the terms and conditions between the signing parties in any business, it’s time to take your business to the next level.  Preserve the integrity of your important documents while saving your valuable time using digital signatures online.

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