How e-Signature makes Documentation easy for HR?

How E-Signature Makes Documentation Easy For HR?

Wow your employees, digitalize documentation

Worldwide people are investing a lot of time and money on signing documents. There is a huge investment included in the storage of these documents. But, will this help in the long run? No, it’s only going to increase the burden to maintain and keep stock of the documents. Today, no one has the time to wait for documentation and signing of the same. In this fast-paced world, e-signatures have taken over the physical traditional signatures. It helps to save time in getting documents signed instantly and with speed. The document storage is also secured leaving you no worries of your confidential documents being tampered. The same goes for the Human Resource department. They have a lot of documentation right from looking for a resource to interviewing and bringing them on board.

What Kind Of Paperwork Is Involved In Human Resource?

Human Resource is all about paperwork, right from the hiring process starts.


The hiring process in any organization includes a lot of paperwork. The interviewer and interviewee must sign many forms and contracts. First the interview form, then the information form and finally the job offer once you crack the interview. Sometimes, you may even have to appear for tests.


Once you have signed the offer letter and given it to them, then start your onboarding process done on your joining day. Right from signing NDAs, to appointment letters, to giving your educational documents, id proofs and lot more. The documentation process if lengthy once you join the company.

Bank Account Information

The HR department either needs your bank details or will have you open a new one. For which you need to provide them with your ID proof.

Tax Document

Employees even must provide the Accounts department with their tax documents, so they don’t have to pay extra tax. If they have made an investment, these documents help.


Then comes the appraisal of the employee to reward them for their work and dedication. The employee and the manager both need to fill forms and then the HR needs to fill the form for the final decision.


There is an exit policy when an employee leaves the company. They must sign some documents for the relieving process to be smooth. It includes a lot of document signing, form the department, IT department, Human Resource department, and a lot more.

How E-signatures Help To Digitalize The Entire Process?

With e-signatures you can easily digitalize the entire process as it allows you to upload your documents on the online platform where it safe and secure. You can sign the documents online and have the others sign the same from anywhere. It eases the HR work and reduces documentation through the paper to a great extent.

Advantages Of Adopting E-signatures For The HR Department

e-signature have benefitted many companies and many departments in many ways. Here are a few advantages that you can get with e-signatures

Speeding The Recruitment & Onboarding Process

Taking the recruitment and boarding process online ensures you don’t miss on the right candidate only because of delay in document signing. With e-signatures you can have them sign the offer letter and appointment letter from anywhere and have them on board as soon as they can join. It makes it convenient for them to fill forms online and send them to you on the joining day. They could spend more time with the new team instead of spending it filling different forms.

Faster Approvals

With e-signatures HR people can speed the process by getting approvals online. It smoothens the workflow by also getting leave, expense payroll, and other processes online and getting approvals online too.

Digitize The Entire Process

e-signatures help to bridge the gap by digitalizing the entire process. Moving all the documentation online allows you to store and maintain them and refer to them by just looking them up in the files. You won’t have to spend days going through 100s of files. In HR you cannot discard documents, they are bund to store them, but they can instead store them on cloud or other drives.

Cut Paperwork & Save Cost

e-signatures require you to have documents online. So, once you have documents online, you don’t need to print them, nor do you need to take them to the signors for signing them. All one must do is upload them on the e-signature portal, sign and send the same to others for signing the document, without the need to print it. It helps to save paper by taking you towards a paperless office and save a lot of money too.

Closing Note:

e-signatures offer the HR department a high level of authentication. It keeps your signature secure with the help of the latest technologies like Blockchain. E-signatures are encrypted, meaning no one can see your signature nor forge it, hence it saves & secure. It also helps to streamline the documentation process for the HR department. If you are looking for a solution that will help streamline your company’s HR processes, then Cygnature is the best solution for you.

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