How Cygnature Works

Document Creation Flow

Sign up for a Cygnature account

Upload a document for signing

Select Signers and Observers for the signing process

Choose to sign the document in parallel or sequentially

Send the document to signers

Select authentication criteria such as OTP, eKYC or biometrics

Selects the types of signatures and placeholder for signing

Document Signing Flow

A signer creates a Cygnature account

Accepts the invitation via user to sign a particular document

Selects the Signature Type to sign the document

Signs the document on the placeholder given

The Block Chain System Flow

The system records the signing process.

It tracks and creates reminders for the signers.

It LIVE tracks the important details about the signers like device Id, IP address, browser used, geo-tags, latitude and longitude and timestamp.

The system creates a certificate of completion which is hashed in Block Chain.