Which Human Resource documents can you sign with Cygnature

  • The Welcome letter that is handed over by HR to a new employee joined which has Master policies and Terms of company can be sent vis Cygnature and signed by employee on Cygnature
  • Offer Letter sending and acceptance through Cygnature
  • Onbaording documents acceptance : Basic details form, Emergency contact form, Handbooks, HR background check form etc
  • Performance review forms like quarterly review or appraisal forms can be filled by HR and employee both ans signed on Cygnature.
  • For the Sales Team :  Reimbursement forms which are submitted to Finance department and approved by higher managers will be signed on Cygnature.
  • Tax filing documents : self attestation (Form 16) (From account dept to employees)
  • Background check consent from HR agencies to the HR dept of company will be signed and sent on Cygnature
  • Event attendence confirmation on activities
  • Filling Timesheets and their approval from senior managers on Cygnature
  • NDA signed with employee (Consultants)
  • Signature Approval on change in company policies from between Employees and HR

Sign legal documents like NDA’s contracts using Cygnature to have assurance on authenticity of Signer.


Simplify the Sales processes and procedures for the signing formalities to minimize time

Sign all your Financial Documents using Cygnature so there is no chance of Tampering to the the documents.

Smothen your Operations processes with Cygnature