E-signatures For The Insurance Industry

Eliminate the paperwork & Close Insurance sales faster.

See how to streamline the Insurance processes with Cygnature

Why do the direct Sales & close deals on field? Move to esignatures, so from on-boarding to Claim settlement, the process is online with Cygnature. Give your customers the Digital experience by signing all Insurance documents with Cygnature.

Manage agents and customers on the GO to esign on-boarding forms policies, claim settlements, Policy Applications, policy declarations, Insurance Certificates etc. on Cygnature.

Insurance Use Cases

Cygnature helps sign Insurance documents anywhere, anytime. Cygnature integrates your existing business processes and systems.

On boarding: Agents and Customers

Proposals and NDA’s

Policy Applications

Account maintenance forms

Insurance Certificates

Signing claim forms

Policy declarations

Appraisal forms

E-Policy delivery

Cygnature will give you the best amongst the competition.

See the Difference yourself!

Add signature
Send documents to be signed
Add multiple signers
Add fillable fields
Organize documents into groups
Download document history with detailed transaction records
Unique Document ID
Create teams
Set document signing order
Create a signing link to quickly share your document
Bulk send documents to be signed
Mobile app for Android and iOS

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Why Go paperless for your Insurance processes?

No Fraudulent transactions

Reduced costs

Environmental friendly

Reduce legal risk & ensure compliance

Greater efficiency

Accurate processing of documents