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The legal department of the any company carries a lot of vital documents like NDA’s, contracts & legal documents. Signing documents becomes inconvenient when multiple parties are involved in the signing process from different& remote locations. Cygnature helps organizations to go paperless and save documents securely by saving time & cost.

The paperwork in the legal Industry makes it way too complicated to prevent the security to the documents and hence paperwork hassles are always a pain.

Enhance the Legal Industry with e-Signatures

Saves Time and Cost

Increased Transparency

Legally Compliant Signatures

Go Paperless

Use Cases

  1. Signing of Contracts and Legal Agreements  between Clients, MSA’s, Approval agreements
  2. NDA’s between Clients and service providers
  3. Partnership Agreements between partner  companies for service and share terms
  4. Board Resolutions written by legal department for approvals from the higher management
  5. Joint Venture agreements between partners  defining the terms and Shareholder Agreements
  6. Shareholders agreements between the internal and external stakeholders defining the terms
  7. A memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU)  formal agreement between client and service
  8. provider defining the terms of official partnerships.
  9. Intellectual Property Licensing to licensing authorities
  10. Retention/Fee Agreements between the
  11. client and service provider
  12. Confidentiality Agreements between internal departments
  13. Power of Attorney Agreements between internal teams and higher management

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