Which Legal documents can you sign with Cygnature

  • Signing of Contracts and Legal Agreements between Clients, MSA’s , Approval agreements
  • NDA’s between Clients and service providers
  • Partnership Agreements between partner companies for service and share terms
  • Board Resolutions written by legal department for approvals from the higher management
  • Joint Venture agreements between partners defining the terms and Shareholder Agreements
  • Shareholders agreements between the internal and external stakeholders defining the terms
  • A memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU) formal agreement between client and service provider defining the terms of official partnerships.
  • Intellectual Property Licensing to licensing authorities
  • Retention/Fee Agreements between the client and service provider
  • Confidentiality Agreements between internal departments
  • Power of Attorney Agreements between internal teams and higher management

Sign all your Financial Documents using Cygnature so there is no chance of Tampering to the the documents.

Simplify the Sales processes and procedures for the signing formalities to minimize time

Simplify hiring, onboarding, enrollment paper-free, so you can save time & reduce errors.

Smothen your Operations processes with Cygnature