Release Notes

September 2021 (Version 3.0)

Set a reminder for a fully signed document

This feature allows initiator to set a reminder for a completely signed document. From the document details page, user can set a date and message for the reminder. For example, the user can set a reminder for himself a month before the contract is due for renewal.

Re-instate a declined document

Earlier, if a signer declined a document, the initiator had to re-initiate the process by uploading a new document. If few signers had signed, then they would be required to sign again. With this feature now, the initiator can re-instate the same document and send it for signing to the same signer again without having to re-upload. However, editing the document is not possible.

Bulk-send documents from a template

This is a power feature that will allow a user to send documents based on a template to bulk signers. Earlier, user could send a template-based document to a single user only. Now user can send to a list of bulk signers uploaded from excel sheet.

Re-do Aadhaar sign if failed

For users of Aadhaar sign, this is good news. Earlier, if Aadhaar signing failed, a credit was lost. Many times, due to connectivity issues from NSDL and UIDAI, the Aadhaar sign would fail for no fault of user. But now, user can re-attempt the Aadhaar sign even if it fails for some reason.

Shortcut to Templates

Earlier, user had to move to documents listing to access templates. Now, user can access templates from the dashboard itself.

July 2021 (Version 2.9)

Choose between Aadhaar and DSC

For subscribers in India, this feature will now help you to send documents for signing such that signers will be able to choose between Aadhaar and DSC as a signing option. To use this feature, choose both signature types after you upload the document. Ensure that you have Aadhaar credits and that the uploaded document is a PDF. Refer release notes for the exact steps.

Hybrid Signing Order

This allows senders to design workflows with a combination of sequential and parallel options. For example, you may have an author of the document who signs first, then you may have 3 reviewers in parallel and finally one approver again in sequence. It is an intuitive feature. You can drag a signer over another to add them in parallel and you can drag out the signer to restore sequential. This feature is also available for the CFR module.

Form fields - Image

In addition to text, custom date, checkbox and dropdown, users can now also use image field in the document. this field allows you to add a company seal or stamp in the document. Users can also use this field for capturing other images such as photograph of applicant in application forms.

User Department

We have introduced a feature of department. Admin can create new departments and assign users to these departments. This feature has multiple ramifications which will be unfolded in upcoming versions. In this version, we have provided ability for templates to be shared with department users.

Share Templates with Department Users

Earlier, the only way to share templates was to export the template and give it to another user to import it. With this version, it is possible to share the template to a specific department, thus giving the ability to all the users of that department to access that template.

May 2021 (Version 2.8)

Form Fields - Checkbox Group

In the last version, we introduced the individual checkbox in form fields. This version brings an improvement in that feature that now the user will be able to create a checkbox group. This gives more flexibility to users to create forms with multiple checkbox options

Oman PKI Integration

This integration has been introduced for the benefit of our customers in Oman. We have implemented the server side signing variant of the Oman PKI.

Same Signer For Different Labels in a Template

Earlier, it was not possible to select the same person as signer on another label in a template because the person was already selected for a label. Now with this version, same person can be assigned to different labels in a template as a signer. This gives more flexibility to template users to decide who should sign the document.

Configuration for 2FA for Login

For customers using Cygnature on premise, the 2 factor authentication with OTP becomes unnecessary for internal use. By introducing this configuration in the user settings, the 2FA can be disabled if required during the login process.

Other improvements

- Size of the signature for CFR compliance has been increased for better readability
- Logs have been introduced for capturing change of a user's role and status
- Document history can now be downloaded as a PDF instead of a text format.
- Support for form fields in case of digital signatures (including aadhaar and certified sign) which was earlier limited to e-sign only. This feature will work only when there is a single signer or the document is sent via bulk send option.

March 2021 (Version 2.7)

Ability to change signers after document is sent

With this feature, the initiator of the document will get the option to change any of the signers in the workflow even after the document has been sent for signing. For example, if initiator sends the document to person A, person B and person C for signing. Later it is found that person A has signed but person B is not available for some reason. So, the initiator can change person B to person D. The system will route the signing invitation to person D and remove person B from the list of signers. Note that if a person has already signed, then it will not be possible to change the signer.

Form Field – Checkbox

In this release, there is an addition of a new form field – a single check box. This will allow the initiator to create an individual checkbox in the document. In the previous release, we had provided text, dropdown and custom date fields. And in the next release, we plan to release a check box group option also.

Export and Import Document Templates

When users create templates, there is a need to share the template with other users. Now with this feature, one user can create a template and export it. The template is exported as an XML file which can be imported by any other user.

Ability to change signer labels in Templates

Previously the signer labels in the templates were called Signer 1, Signer 2, etc. Now, it will be possible to give them any unique label. For example, Team member or Manager or Authorized Signatory.

Improvements in the CFR Module

It will now be possible to add an observer in the CFR signing workflow. It will also be possible for initiator to change the access code after document is sent.

Improvements in Logging

The logs will not also capture the invalid login and OTP attempts in the user activity section

Other improvements

Several improvements have been done to some of the tooltips, email templates, registration process, and date formats.

February 2021 (Version 2.6)

New form fields dropdown and custom date have been added

User can now drag and drop two new fields for data capture – custom date and dropdown.

Introduction of Signer roles in CFR workflows (Pharma)

CFR users can now assign individual roles to each signer. For instance, approver, reviewer, author, etc. The signer roles can be customized by individual pharma clients and the signing reasons can be mapped to the signer roles. The signing reason will also appear in the Certificate of Completion along with the signer roles. This will give complete visual traceability of the signing transaction

Integration with UAE Pass

Our users in UAE can now use Cygnature to sign documents with UAE Pass, the national identity for UAE citizens.

December 2020 (Version 2.5)

Due to internal version numbering system revision, this version has been renamed to version 2.5

Introduction of form filling fields

User can now drag and drop data capture fields into the document. In this way, user can gather required data along with the signatures. In this version, text field has been introduced. In subsequent versions, other fields like dropdown, checkbox, custom date, and image are planned to be introduced

Introduction of signing fields

Signing fields is an improvement to the earlier additional fields feature. The signing fields consist of initials, signer name and signing date. User can set the signing fields and signers can click the fields to autofill the information. In addition, the appearance of the signing fields has been improved. The signing fields are also available to be used in the template.

User will be able to customize the signing reason in case if the CFR (Pharma) workflow

Earlier Cygnature was providing default set of reasons. Now each individual pharma client can set their own signing reasons for the CFR signatures

October 2020 (Version 1.4.2)

User can scroll through the document while creating a workflow

Earlier, when the user uploaded a document, it was not possible to scroll the document on step 3. The user was forced to use the thumbnails to navigate through the document. With this improvement, now the user can scroll through the document on step 3 using the mouse.

Improvements in the application theme and colour

Our designers have worked on some improvements in the application look and feel. Earlier there were various colors used for different fonts and buttons and headers. To give a more professional look and to create better focus on the work items, the colors have been muted with a grey tone.

Tenant Settings to Control Features during document creation

The administrator of a private tenant can now perform additional settings in terms of choosing signature types and other settings.

Private Message Limit increased

Earlier the private message limit was 100 characters. It has now been increased to 1000 characters to allow users to write longer messages.

Special characters in password

The user password field now allows special characters in the password.

August 2020 (Version 1.4.1)

OTP Authentication for Guest Signer

On popular demand from our users, we have made the mandatory OTP (One Time Password) requirement from Guest Signers as optional. You can change the settings in the document settings section. By default, the setting will be on. If you do not want to authenticate the signers with an OTP, you can disable the setting. This setting can also be changed from the document details page.

Remember Last Logged in Device

If user logs in from the same device that you logged in last, the system will remember you and bypass the OTP (One Time Password). Whenever the user logs in from a new device, the system will authenticate the user with a OTP.

Time Zone Settings

System will now ask the user to choose his time zone during the process of registration.

Bulk Apply Signature with DSC

Earlier the system allowed user to choose multiple documents and sign them all at once only for e-signs. Now this feature has been extended to the USB dongle-based DSC. User will need to enter his PIN only once and all the selected documents will get signed. This is a Enterprise Premium feature

Detect Invalid Login Attempts and Lock the User

If user enters incorrect password or incorrect OTP three times, the system will lock the user for 10 min. User can try to log in with correct password after 10 min. For private tenants, this is configurable. Admin can decide number of attempts and number of minutes to lock the user.

JULY 2020 (Version 1.4)

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Cygnature now supports the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance as recommended by FDA in respect of using electronic signatures and maintaining electronic records for Pharma, Life Sciences and Medical Equipment manufacturers. Ask for more information and request for a demo by writing to

Set Password Policy

Now the tenant admin (in case of private tenant) can set up a password policy for the users in terms of the length of the password and components such as upper case, numbers, special characters, etc.

Location Binding for Each Signer

Earlier the system was supporting the location binding for all signers i.e. all signers should be present at a specific location for the signing to be completed. Now creator/initiator can specify a unique location binding for each signer. A location geo fence can be set by the creator/initiator even after the document is sent for signing.

Session Timeout

Earlier, Cygnature users were not logged out of the system in case of inactivity. Now, we have introduced a session timeout after 30 min of inactivity.

Ability to Add Observers after initiating the workflow

Many times, creators might forget to add observers to a signing workflow. Now they can add observers even after document is sent for signing so long as the workflow is not completely signed. This event is also captured in the audit trail.

Default Time Zone Set as UTC in the Certificate of Completion

If the user is not setting his time zone, then then default time zone in the Certificate of Completion will be UTC. For CFR documents, it will be always UTC time zone.

Admin Settings

Improvements in the User experience have been introduced in the Admin management menu. This includes module wise layout and ability to add unverified users under client admin.

Ability to download the original document

Signers can now download the originally uploaded document before signing if they so wish. This will allow signers to download the document, print it for better reading experience or share with legal team for example to review it before signing it.

Export Document Ability

Earlier, the settings to export document were supposed to be done from the document settings page. Now, users can export document directly from the document details page.

Enhancement to the Certificate of Completion

We have added counts of signatures, counts of pages in the document, time zone and CFR document identifier in the Certificate of Completion.

Signer’s Name Display

Till such time that a signer is not a verified user in Cygnature (guest user), the name of the signer that is displayed during the workflow will be as mentioned by the creator/initiator of the document. If the initiator changes the name of the signer, it will be reflected to other people in the workflow.
However, if the signer is a registered and verified user in Cygnature, then the display name shown to other people in the workflow will be as set by the registered user. The document initiator will continue to see the display name as used by him.

Bug Fixes

Certain bugs related to Firefox browser, quick sign, export to excel, Google Drive and One Drive connections have been fixed.

JUNE 2020 (Version 1.3.1)

This release contains some minor improvements to the application as follows

  • A user tour for guest signers to navigate on the sign page
  • Consistency in the usage of back buttons on the user interface
  • Document details page now shows the reasons for cancelled, failed and expired documents
  • You can preview the document at any stage – originally uploaded, partially signed, fully signed
  • QR code support added for documents signed with DSC and Aadhaar e-sign
  • Signing reminders will be sent each day from the number of days defined till the document is signed
  • Ability to export user list by the client admin
  • Multiple fixes.

JUNE 2020 (Version 1.3)

Client Admin

This feature is relevant for organizations having multiple users. The client admin role allows one of the subscribed users to act as an admin for Cygnature users within the organization. The client admin can

  • Add new users up to the user limit
  • Assign pay per use signatures to individual users, if purchased by the organization
  • Assign document limits to users if needed
  • Assign certain features to users if needed
Client Admin has a choice whether to keep all document limits and pay per use signature limits in a common pool for users to share or assign the limits individually to all users This feature will soon be extended to include de-activation of users in case users leave the organization and permission settings to view other user documents.
Cygnature support team will reach out to organizations who are having multiple users and brief them about this feature and help them to set it up.

Detailed Document History

Earlier, the document history was only displaying the key events of the signing process. Now, the detailed history will show more details of the signing process such as

  • When user provides consent as a Guest
  • When user receives OTP as guest or for co-signing
  • When user previews the document to sign
  • When user is reminded to sign
  • When additional supporting documents are attached
The document history is available from the view details link on the tab and allows to download the details in a text file.

User Activity Logs

Now user activity logs such as log in and log off from the system are also displayed from the admin menu. Each user will be able to see his last login timestamp from his My Profile section. Each client admin will be able to view the user activity logs of all the users in the organization and Tenant Admin will be able to see the same for all users of the Tenant.

Support to upload Non-Uniform Page Documents

Earlier, the system was preventing the upload of documents with non-uniform pages ie. Pages of different dimensions. This issue has been resolved and now users can upload non uniform page documents. This feature has created certain limitations on using the feature – apply placeholder to all pages. To learn how to use this feature for such documents, Read This.

New Layout for the Document Details Page

Earlier page was confusing to users as it included multiple buttons and unsigned document details were getting prominence. Now, this page has been re-designed to make it more user friendly.

New Column of Signers Added in Document Listing

A new column has been added to the Documents listing page which shows the signers involved in that document. In addition, now the user can search documents using signer name or uploader name and email.

Standardized Placeholder Sizes for Different Signatures

Earlier, we were following the one size fits all strategy for all signatures. This was not a good idea. Now we have made standard sized placeholders for each signature type depending on its characteristics. The Face, Finger and Iris need large sized placeholders. The digital signatures like Aadhaar, USB dongle and Certified Sign needed rectangular placeholders. Only Electronic Sign placeholders have been retained with the ability to draw a size as per user preference.

Certified Sign Appearance Changed

The Certified sign is a qualified electronic signature and as such must show the details of the signature in the signature text. So instead of allowing users to draw their signature, we have provided a default appearance. Further improvement in this signature will come in upcoming releases with the ability to add a user defined reason for the signature.

Email and SMS deliverability

Significant improvements were done in the approach on sending emails and SMS notifications. This has improved the deliverability of the OTP SMS such that it is coming faster than the Email OTP. In order to ensure that the Cygnature notifications reach the inbox and not the spam folder, we have made a change that all emails from Cygnature will be sent from id. The notification will appear as Rob Smith (using Cygnature) and replying to this email will send a reply to Rob Smith.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Changed the terminology Map Signers to Select Signers in the Template Section
  • Final email notification with the fully signed document will now have a dedicated button to download the document and a link to view the document details page.
  • Template section improvements for sign due date and digitally sign the document

Bug Fixes

  • Aadhaar signature was not showing signer name. Now it shows signer email id
  • Aadhaar limit exceeded messages were being shown to users even if they had Aadhaar credits. This has been resolved.
  • Some guest users were getting stuck during signing. This is now resolved
  • Certified Sign count deduction issue for optional signatories has been resolved
  • Document creation failed bug has been resolved
  • Certified Sign and Aadhaar sign were having issues with the Approver feature. This has been fixed.
If you need a copy of the detailed release notes, write to

May 2020

One Drive Support

Subscribed users can now add documents to Cygnature from their One Drive account. You can add supporting documents also from One Drive. And you can also send fully signed documents to One Drive. This feature works like the Google Drive and Dropbox integrations.

Reset AD Password from Cygnature

If your organization has integrated Active Directory with Cygnature, then it is now possible to change the password from Cygnature. Earlier, if the AD password expired, you could not log in to Cygnature unless you update the password in AD. Now you can reset your AD password from Cygnature.

Send a link to download signed document

In the completion email, you can now receive a link to download the signed document. Earlier, the link took the user to the document details page from where you could download the signed document. Now user can download the document from the email link itself.

Digitally Sign the Document

Cygnature has now introduced the support to sign a document with an invisible signature from Global sign. When user is using electronic signs for signing, he can choose to sign the document digitally. This will put a certified sign on the document which can be viewed from the Signature Panel when the document is opened in Adobe Reader. The signature shows – Certified by Cygnature. This feature uses the certified signature balance available with the user for signing the document. You can enable this feature from the last screen before sending the document for signing by selecting the checkbox – Digitally Sign the Document. With this feature, Cygnature gives different choices for subscribed users to sign documents

  • Simple Electronic Signatures (signature not issued by any certificate authority)
  • Certified sign for document (digital signature issued by Global Sign)
  • Certified sign for each signer (digital signature issued by Global Sign)

EU Hosting for Cygnature

Cygnature is now available on an EU hosted server to cater to the needs of customers in the EU Regions. It is hosted on an Azure Cloud and is available from . This fulfils the requirement of data retention of EU customers within the EU region.

Dutch Version

Along with the English version, Cygnature is also now available in Dutch language. User can change the language preference from the login screen. The Dutch version is available only on the EU hosted version at

Signing Due Date

Now you have a setting in the Document Setting whether to make Signing Due Date mandatory or not.

Remove Document from Cygnature

The ability to remove signed document from Cygnature is now converted into a setting at user level controlled by the client admin. There are 3 choices – either store all documents on Cygnature or do not store documents on Cygnature or decide during workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Signer’s IP was not captured in the certificate during USB dongle and Aadhaar e-sign. This is corrected now
  • Observers were disappearing while saving document as draft. This issue is corrected now
  • Something went wrong errors during draft and registration. These are corrected now