Release notes

May 2020

One Drive Support

Subscribed users can now add documents to Cygnature from their One Drive account. You can add supporting documents also from One Drive. And you can also send fully signed documents to One Drive. This feature works like the Google Drive and Dropbox integrations.

Reset AD Password from Cygnature

If your organization has integrated Active Directory with Cygnature, then it is now possible to change the password from Cygnature. Earlier, if the AD password expired, you could not log in to Cygnature unless you update the password in AD. Now you can reset your AD password from Cygnature.

Send a link to download signed document

In the completion email, you can now receive a link to download the signed document. Earlier, the link took the user to the document details page from where you could download the signed document. Now user can download the document from the email link itself.

Digitally Sign the Document

Cygnature has now introduced the support to sign a document with an invisible signature from Global sign. When user is using electronic signs for signing, he can choose to sign the document digitally. This will put a certified sign on the document which can be viewed from the Signature Panel when the document is opened in Adobe Reader. The signature shows – Certified by Cygnature. This feature uses the certified signature balance available with the user for signing the document. You can enable this feature from the last screen before sending the document for signing by selecting the checkbox – Digitally Sign the Document. With this feature, Cygnature gives different choices for subscribed users to sign documents

  • Simple Electronic Signatures (signature not issued by any certificate authority)
  • Certified sign for document (digital signature issued by Global Sign)
  • Certified sign for each signer (digital signature issued by Global Sign)

EU Hosting for Cygnature

Cygnature is now available on an EU hosted server to cater to the needs of customers in the EU Regions. It is hosted on an Azure Cloud and is available from . This fulfils the requirement of data retention of EU customers within the EU region.

Dutch Version

Along with the English version, Cygnature is also now available in Dutch language. User can change the language preference from the login screen. The Dutch version is available only on the EU hosted version at

Signing Due Date

Now you have a setting in the Document Setting whether to make Signing Due Date mandatory or not.

Remove Document from Cygnature

The ability to remove signed document from Cygnature is now converted into a setting at user level controlled by the client admin. There are 3 choices – either store all documents on Cygnature or do not store documents on Cygnature or decide during workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Signer’s IP was not captured in the certificate during USB dongle and Aadhaar e-sign. This is corrected now
  • Observers were disappearing while saving document as draft. This issue is corrected now
  • Something went wrong errors during draft and registration. These are corrected now