Which Sales documents can you sign with Cygnature

  • NDA’s between Enterrpise and potential partners
  • Proposals that are submitted to the potential customers
  • MSA’s Master Service agreements signed between Service providers and customers
  • Statement of work signed between Client and Servcie provider for specific project
  • One MSA will have hundreds of Statement of work documents which are to be signed by both Client and Servcie provider(FYI)
  • Invoices and payements receipts that are generated from Service provider to the client and approved by client
  • Change request documents : Changes in requirements of project or statment of work with some additions or alterations are signed by both client and Service provider
  • Non Compete agreements (NCA) between Client and Service provider
  • Sales /Purchase Orders from any client to any service provider
  • Licensing Agreements between licensing authorities and companies
  • Agreements between company and end-User

Sign legal documents like NDA’s contracts using Cygnature to have assurance on authenticity of Signer.


Sign all your Financial Documents using Cygnature so there is no chance of Tampering to the the documents.

Simplify hiring, onboarding, enrollment paper-free, so you can save time & reduce errors.

Smothen your Operations processes with Cygnature