Blockchain-based e-Signature solution for organizations

Accelerate the internal approvals and contract signing with highly secured eSigning solution that provides audit trail for signing workflow.

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Cygnature is a blockchain-based digital signing solution that authenticates signers and protects the integrity of the document. It eliminates the need to print, sign and scan documents.

Why Cygnature?

Security & Blockchain Stamping

Get Blockchain security to documents, ensuring that all activities on the document are recorded and timestamped.

Seamless API Integration

Easily integrate e-signature APIs with web portals, applications, and websites. Get 360° user assistance from the development process to implementation to API concept explanation

On cloud and on-premises model

Hassle-free deployment of Digital Signature system on cloud, private tenant, or on-premises.

Subscription plans as per your need

Avail varied subscription plans based on the number of users, volume of documents, signature types, etc.
Say goodbye to physical stamping, procure and affix Stamp Digitally. Automate contract creation with ease.

Choose the signature type based on sensitivity of the document and level of authentication

Electronic Signatures

Provides the ability to draw a signature or select a font or upload a signature image

Digital Signatures

Use Digital Signatures like hardware tokens or software tokens for a higher security in signatures to sign crucial documents

Biometric Signatures

Gives the ability to capture biometrics such as fingerprint or iris scan or facial recognition.

Live Signatures

Use different types of signatures to sign documents like signing in LIVE by watching signers over webcam, sharing the screen & talking over the microphone.

National Id Signatures

Integrates with Govt. issued individual ID like Aadhaar in India and UAE Pass in UAE.

How Cygnature can help you?

Quick & Easy Contract Signing

Get contracts, legal agreements, joint venture documents, property agreements, employees offer letters etc. signed digitally in fraction of seconds.

Speed up Internal Approval process

Make internal approval process more efficient by creating a simple and advanced workflows – self-signing, in-person signing, or remote signing and allowing the concerned individual to securely sign and approve multiple documents.

Automated Bulk Signing

Save time and resources by automated bulk signing that enables signing unlimited documents in a single go.

Procure and affix stamp digitally

Automate legalizing of documents by uploading the documents, getting them stamped and signed instantly online.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Comply with 21 FDA CFR regulations through Cygnature’s secured workflow creation, signing and user authentication modules, audit trails and timestamps of signing.
Use Cygnature’s Bulk Signing Solution to sign multiple documents at once. Sign 1000’s of documents in minutes

How can Cygnature help your industry?

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