Non Uniform Pages in a Document

When there are pages of different sizes in the same document, it is tricky to apply placeholders for the signatures. The following is an explanation of how it works.

Example of a document with different page sizes

A non uniform page document might get generated in the following cases

How Cygnature Handles This Issue

Cygnature aligns the document pages from the bottom left corner and identifies the common area and the non common area. Common area is the overlapping area when pages are aligned from the bottom left corner. 
Non Common area is the remaining area

Where to put Placeholder?

We recommend that you put the placeholder in the COMMON AREA if you wish to apply it to all the pages.

For Electronic signature, Certified Sign and other signature types, after you apply the signature to all pages, you can individually move the placeholders in different pages to a location of your choice, even in non common areas. But in case of Aadhaar e-sign, only a single position is supported on the page. And you will be able to move the Aadhaar e-sign placeholder only within the common area.

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