Coronavirus! Working From Home? Ultimate Guide on Selection of Tools

Coronavirus! Working From Home? Ultimate Guide on Selection of Tools

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to inflict havoc across the globe, maintaining a social distance is becoming the only option to stem the coronavirus outbreak. This situation has urged many SMEs to employ telecommuting work policies. For many companies, self-isolating or working from a social distance is a challenging task. Here, are some useful work from home tools that will help your team to be synchronized and work in harmony.

Choose Right Video Conferring Tool

Over the years, Skype has become the best tool for Web and video conferring by which you can easily do video calls and conference calls, transfer files & instant messaging for free. For a daily team meeting, a Zoom is a pioneer tool for a modern enterprise that offers the best audio, video and screen sharing experience at the same time, you can also opt for Google hangout.

Sign Documents Online

To break the chain of Coronavirus transmission; you are imposed to adopt telecommuting work and to get signed all important documents might become a major concern for you. eSignature solution allows you to connect with remote signers using webcam and microphone and sign documents within a few minutes from anywhere. Cygnature allows you to sign with multiple types of authentic signing options, which is also secured with blockchain technology.

Google Drive Add-Ons for Project Management

Google Drive and a spreadsheet are the best and free collaborative tools to create, store, share and keep the track of lots of content. It’s allowing employees to access or make real-time changes at any time in any place.

Project Management Tool

Asana is the best project management tool for any size of the project that will make your team well-organized, self-assured and responsible for their work. For internal project management or individual task management, you can use the best web-based project management tool like Trello in which you can assign the task to individual or groups with deadlines.

Wrapping Up: 

By employing these all right tools you can maximize productivity than ever before. So, what are you waiting for to get started? Get in touch with Cygnature’s expert team and let them help you in the crucial times.

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