What Makes Cygnature Different from Competitors?

Cygnature is an advanced signing platform that securely authenticates signers, offers multiple signature types and protects the signed document from tampering. It will enable you to sign NDA’s, Agreements, invoices, work order, approvals and almost any paper works within few minutes from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Depending on the sensitivity of the document you are signing, you can choose the type and combination of signatures like Electronic, Digital or Biometric & LIVE Cygnature. Cygnature uses blockchain and advanced cryptography to safeguard the signed documents from fraud and tampering.

Say Goodbye to Fraud and Tampering with Cygnature.

Why Cygnature

Signers Certificate | Multiple Signature Types | Ease of Use | LIVE Cygnature | Highly Secure

Signers Certificate

A Signing certificate is a certificate of completion that every signer receives after signing document which has the audit trail of the document signing process and records every signing detail like signer’s location, timestamp, browser, IP, Google Map, QR Code, Blockchain Timestamp etc.

What the Signers Certificate Captures

  • Document Information
  • Signing Process details
  • Document QR code
  • Blockchain Timestamping
  • Blockchain Timestamp
  • Document Hash&Transaction Hash
  • Signers & Document Owners 
  • Email IDS
  • Timestamp
  • IP
  • Device Details
  • Browser
  • Latitude/Long location
  • Google Location

Multiple Signature Types

With Cygnature the users the choose types of Signatures from Multiple types of signatures available from a simple electronic signatures, Digital Signatures to Biometric Signatures. Depending on the document importance and security a user can choose the level of authentication based on signing types.

  • Electronic
    • Draw a sign using Stylus
    • Type a font with name
    • Select an image of Signature: upload an image
  • Digital Signatures
    • Hardware key:A hardware dongle device signing
    • Certified Sign: Signing using software token from certified signing authorities
  • Bio-metric
    • Face Signing: Signing with face identity
    • Fingerprint Signing: Signing using fingerprint
    • IRIS Signing: Signing using eyes
  • National ID Signing
    • Aadhaar esign: Signing using Aadhaar Number in India
    • Emirates ID Signing: Sign using Emirates ID in UAE
  • LIVE Cygnature: Signing documents as if in person using webcam and microphone

Ease of use and Simplified Signing

Cygnature is application available on Web and Mobile. Users can sign documents from anywhere in the world and using any device like a Laptop, mobile or a Tablet. It is easy to set up or sign a document in a 1 minute.

  • Easy Dashboard with statistics and Calendar
  • Various File supports like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt and many others
  • Upload documents from Local drive, google drive, Dropbox
  • Select observers if you need a someone to observe the document signing
  • Advanced Signing options like due dates, Reminders & Notications & Signing order
  • Send personal messages to signers
  • Contact Management for Adding Individual contacts, creating groups or adding bulk signers
  • Detail Audit trail & Document Tracking

LIVE Cygnature

Sign documents with LIVE Cygnature. The signing makes users feel like they are signing in person. Through the webcam the signers can see each other, talk to each other and can also see their screens.

  • LIVE Signing over webcam which lets signers see other signers & their devices screens too
  • Screen recorded of all signers
  • Voice enabled from all signers
  • Recording available in the app

Highest Security with Blockchain

Cygnature gives blockchain protection to the documents and uses multiple layers of protection for the login activity and access controls. The entire audit trail is recorded in blockchain and stored on secured servers.

  • Two factor OTP Authentication to login for account security & access
  • Know exactly where user has signed the document. Captures the GPS location of a document signature, whether it’s from a home computer or from a mobile device.
  • Captures User’s browser & version details
  • Captures device Name, OS and its version
  • Logs entire blockchain transaction & document Activity with block details & hash
  • Verification of the documents by document hash & transaction hash
  • Summary of all the document details, activity, signer details, signatures & their timestamp
  • E-mail & Mobile no. verification for true user credentials & identity

Mobile App

Free, secure & Easy to use Mobile app available on android for sending &signing documents on the “Go”

Cygnature API

Flexible and Customizable

With Cygnature API build a seamless signing experience that is developer-friendly & allows you to integrate with your business flows to bring in more efficiency into the signing process.


Cygnature proves to be One solution for all your signing needs, with maximum number of signing types, Access to features from basic to advanced and this all backed with Blockchain security. Cygnature offer users with a 30-day free trial to access all features and sign documents free of cost for 30 days. To start with the objective of moving from paper to digital, organizations can choose Cygnature as their document signing solution to go paperless and move one step towards technological advancement.

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