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Signing Documents

✓  Sign with Electronic Signature
✓  Sign with Digital Signature
✓  Sign with User’s Biometrics
✓  Certified Signatures
✓  Sign using Nationalized ID/E-signature
✓  Live Signing (Phase-1)
✓  Emirates ID Integration
✓  Guest Signing
✓  Sign with Cygnature Aesthetics

Sending Documents

✓  Extensive document file type support
✓  Document Tracking
✓  Integration with Google Apps, Dropbox
✓  Document Templating
✓  Setting signatory placeholders
✓  Form Data Validation
✓  Advanced Document Options
✓  Document Drafting
✓  Bulk Sending
✓  Document Commenting
✓  Email Notification Templates

Security & Blockchain

✓  Two-factor OTP Authentication
✓  Capture Geo-location
✓  Capture Browser details
✓  Capture device details
✓  Blockchain Transaction Audit Trail
✓  Document Verification
✓  Certificate Of Completion
✓  E-mail verification
✓  Mobile No. verification
✓  Document & Version History
✓  Add QR code & Document ID
✓  Digital Signature Legality Verification
✓  Verification of the document from public exposed URL
✓  Verify validation summary

Mobile App

✓  Easy sign up with email
✓  Sign documents as guest
✓  Send documents from Local drive, google drive
✓  Sign with electronic signature
✓  Upload PDF, PPT, .DOC, .XLS
✓  View Audit Log
✓  View Signing Certificate
✓  Add, Create & manage Contacts or Groups
✓  View Notifications
✓  Verify documents

API & Integrations

✓  API Integration
✓  Social Media Integration
✓  Active Directory Integration
✓  Multi-Tenant Support
✓  DMS Integrations

Admin Management

✓  Mobile App
✓  Multilingual Support
✓  Internationalization
✓  Access Based on Roles & Permissions
✓  Customized Summary Reports & Analytics
✓  Bird Eye Dashboard Stats
✓  Custom Templates
✓  Custom Branding
✓  Contact Management
✓  Contact Grouping/Import in Bulk
✓  Signer’s Calendar

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5 Reasons to Choose Cygnature


Offers an irrefutable evidence of signing by capturing timestamps, device, IP address and signer's location coordinates.

LIVE Cygnature

Allows you to connect with remote signers using webcam and microphone and sign documents as if-signing in person

Signature Types

Allows you to choose the type of signatures depending on the sensitivity of the document and context of signing.

Easy to Use

Features that allow you to create documents, send documents and sign them on any device, anytime and anywhere.


Provides effective transparency in the signing process by tracking every stage from document creation to signing.

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