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What is Cygnature?

Cygnature is an award-winning signing solution that offers multiple signature types – electronic, digital and biometric. It is a featurerich and easy-to-use solution that is built on blockchain technology, thus providing enhanced security, greater transparency and improved traceability of the signing process, along with authentication of signer identity and safeguarding documents from tampering. Cygnature also provides APIs for seamless integration with business systems. 


Multiple Signature Types to Sign​

With Cygnature choose signature from multiple Signature Types like Electronic, Digital and Biometric.

Feature rich & easy to use

A solution that is built on Blockchain with enhanced security, greater transparency and improved Traceability of the signing process,

Flexible and Customizable API's

API's that integrate into your business systems so seamlessly yo increase the efficiency in your business processes.


Cygnature is a block chain based secure, easy-to-use and feature-rich signing solution which allows multi-level security and robust mechanism to permit access with different security clearances. A solution that is trusted by individuals, small and medium business, and enterprises.Be it any industry Cygnature helps secure your documents digitally and provides document storage space as well

Various Types of signatures

Use Multiple Signature Types like Electronic Signatures, Digital Signatures and Bio-metric Signatures

Multiple ways to Authenticate

Multiple ways to Authenticate Signer like OTP, Fingerprint, IRIS, Face, Voice, Aadhaar, National ID


LIVE CYGNATURE, A signing feature with in person signing feel using webcam and Microphone

Multiple Signing Invitations

Send documents in the order of signing like sequential or parallel signing to even guest signer

Advance Signing Options

Advanced Signing options like Start Date, end date, due date of Signing, document expiry etc

Supports all file formats

Supported file formats include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt and many others

Contact Management

Add contacts during signature in portal or Bulk import contacts or send invitation as a Guest signer

Document Tracking

Easy to view detailed Document Track like Viewed, Signed, declined etc with Timestamp

Signer's Calendar

Signing process that happens over webcam, as if signing in person

Cygnature is the most Secure Signing Solution

Integrity of the Document

Cygnature ensures that that the copy of a document has the exact same content as the one which was uploaded by the signer.

Non-repudiation of Process

Not allowing someone to deny that they created or changed the document, as long as each iteration is stored in the blockchain.

Audit Trail Record

Captures IP address, Browser, Device, Location, Latitude  & Longitude of the signer during signing process which is timestamped

Authentication of Signer

The Cygnature authentication helps in proving who created or changed the document by tracking activities on document.

Why Cygnature


With Cygnature when a person signs any document you can authenticate the signer through multiple types like OTP, Fingerprint, IRIS, Aadhaar , Face recognition Voice Recognition.


Cygnature offers multiple Signature Types like Electronic, Digital and Biometric.You can simply draw, upload or Type a Signature. Advance Digital type provides H/W and S/W tokens.


When you sign a document with Cygnature, the signing process is recorded on Blockchain and hence there is no chance of tampering to the document

Say Goodbye to Fraud and Tampering. Sign with Cygnature.