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for all Signatures

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What is Cygnature?

Cygnature is a Block Chain based secure, easy-to-use and feature-rich signing solution which enables signing contracts, invoices, work orders, approvals and almost any paperwork in minutes. Cygnature allows you to sign a document from almost anywhere, anytime and from any device. Built with Block Chain, Cygnature becomes the most secured signing solution.


Cygnature uses the power of Block Chain technology and advanced cryptography to ensure that each step of the signing process is securely hashed and stored as an immutable record that cannot be tampered with. 


Cygnature offers a wide assortment of signature types from electronic signatures such as drawing or uploading an image of your sign, digital signatures such as software or hardware tokens to biometric signatures like fingerprint, iris & photo.


With LIVE Cygnature, sign and record the whole signing process LIVE using webcam as if signing in-person. You can also use Cygnature APIs to integrate with your own business systems and utilize smart contracts to automate workflows.


Cygnature is a block chain based secure, easy-to-use and feature-rich signing solution which allows multi-level security and robust mechanism to permit access with different security clearances. A solution that is trusted by individuals, small and medium business, and enterprises.Be it any industry Cygnature helps secure your documents digitally and provides document storage space as well


Extensive configurations. Seamless integration with any flow

Simplified signing

Set up documents for sequential/parallel signing, single/bulk signing

Document Storage

Sign and store documents on Cygnature Cloud

Audit trails

Records Geo-location, Lat-Long coordinates, browser, device, IP & timestamp

Integrity of Data

World-class cryptographic algorithms for maintaining data integrity


Authenticate signers with OTP, biometrics, face and speaker recognition


Allows to create and sign documents anywhere, anytime & on any device

Blockchain Stamping

A signature completion certificate with Block Chain certificate

LIVE Cygnature

Signing process that happens over webcam, as if signing in person

Experience Cygnature….


Authentication of Signer

100% authentication on the identity of the signer

Integrity of the Document

Absolutely no chance of tampering

Non-repudiation of Process

Extensive evidence of signing

Say Goodbye to Fraud and Tamperings. Sign with Cygnature.