Flow of sending the document for signing

This deals with organizing an uploaded document and making it ready for you to sign the document digitally. The steps included in this workflow include: 

Sign up for a Cygnature account
Upload a document for signing
Select signers and observers for the signing process
Choose the workflow to sign the document in parallel or sequentially
Send the document to signers
Select the types of signatures and placeholder for signing 

Flow of document signing

The steps are as follows:

A signer creates a Cygnature account or can sign as a guest

Accept the invitation sent by sender to sign a particular document

Select the signature type to sign the document

Sign the document on the placeholder given

Blockchain enabled signing process

All details regarding the paper trail of the online document are recorded here. This workflow includes the following processes: 


The system records the signing process.


It tracks and creates reminders for the signers.


It LIVE tracks the important details about the signers like Device OS, IP address, Browser used, Latitude & longitude, Timestamp.


The system creates a certificate of completion and the unsigned and signed documents are hashed and stored in blockchain.

Why Cygnature e-Signing solution?

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