Sign documents with Multiple types of Digital , Electronic & Biometric Signatures

Choose the type of Signature based on level of authentication

Electronic Signatures

Sign documents with Simple Electronic signatures like draw a signature, upload a image of signature or simply type your name using a font.

Digital Signatures

Use Digital Signatures like Hardware tokens or Software tokens for a higher security in signatures to sign crucial documents with Cygnature digitally.

Biometric Signatures

Use your fingerprints, IRIS, Face to sign . The bio-metric signatures gives high level of authentication by capturing bio-metrics that are unique to each signer.

LIVE Cygnature

Sign documents like signing in LIVE by watching signers over webcam, Sharing the screen & talking to phone over microphone with different types of Signatures.

Electronic Signatures

  • Draw Signature
    Draw signature by yourself with help of cursor or a digital pen on the agreement, as simple as that.

  • Upload Signature
    Upload an Image of Signature from any local, google, One Drive and paste it on placeholder.

  • Select Signature
    Cygnature allows you to select sign using your name with a customised font and size.

Digital Signatures

  • Software Token
    Use software tokens procured from trusted digital signature certificate providers to sign your documents.

  • Hardware Token
    Sign using hardware based digital signature dongles provided by certificate authorities.

Biometric Signatures

  • Face Signing
    With Cygnature users can signing or authenticate signing of documents using face as identity.

  • Iris Signing
    With Cygnature users can sign or authenticate their sign of documents using IRIS as identity.

  • Finger-Print Signing
    With Cygnature users can sign or authenticate signing of documents using Fingerprint as identity.

LIVE Cygnature

LIVE Cygnature

LIVE Cygnature lets you sign documents like signing person using a webcam, Microphone and Screen sharing.

National ID of INDIA

Sign with Aadhaar Number in India

An AADHAAR e-sign is applicable only in india. A signer can sign using Aadhaar number which is issued by UIDAI.

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