Take your business to the next level with smarter contracting

Create contracts quickly and easily using pre-approved templates

Automate creation, execution, and management of any type of contract using automated templates. Receive notifications to action on critical contract breaches and terminations.


A smart and centralized repository to store all your contracts

Missing the expiry and renewal of contracts is no more a matter of concern. we help you store all your contracts in an online centralized repository. It also enables proper tagging of the contract terms, clauses, and conditions and allows you to search the contracts instantly.


Enable digital signing for paperless and faster execution of contracts

Execute contracts faster by leveraging the dual power of CLM and digital signing that facilitate the quick signing of contracts and help eliminate the risk of version mix-ups with a complete electronic execution workflow.


Achieve greater agility and speed with Self-service Contracts

Eliminate or reduce the need for legal review for standard versions and approval of contracts by creating your own contracts using standardized templates and clauses.


Minimize risk and auto-analyze the contracts with My Contract Assistant

Never miss contract’s key clauses and terms with our AI-driven contract analysis buddy that helps you identify the missing clauses, auto-analyze the contract, and develop key clauses benchmarking for various contract types.


Post-award compliance management of contracts

Prevent the contract’s value from eroding over time and improve the post-award processes effectively
with reminders, notifications, escalations etc. Also ensure legal compliance with change orders, renewals, amendments while adhering to commercial obligations like invoicing, performance management etc.


Powerful and seamless integration with other applications

Integrate contract data into purchase, order management and invoice systems. Also helps manage different types of contracts like Quote-to-cash or Procure-to-pay.


Proven records

50% faster contract negotiation cycle
30% increase in renewal revenue
75% reduction in erroneous payments
30% reduction in contract management related costs
Minimizes compliance
Streamline Contracting processes
Improve Efficiency

Accelerate your contract lifecycle with Cygnature + smartContract

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