Signing Documents with UAE PASS

What is UAE PASS?

In October 2017, Smart Dubai signed an MoU with TRA, to develop a single trusted digital identity. UAE PASS is a digital identity solution in the UAE. The online equivalent to the real identity of a person or entity. Mainly used for remote identification before consuming any online service.

UAE PASS is the first national digital identity, for all citizens, residents, and visitors, allowing you to digitally sign documents. The UAE PASS signature is legally binding and is equally valid to a written signature. The entire UAE PASS Infrastructure is a secure environment with various security measures put in place to protect individua’s identity and signature.

Cygnature and uAE PASS

Cygnature has integrated the  key feature of  UAE PASS for our UAE based citizens. It will enable seamless digital signing of documents with Valid UAE PASS.

Prerequisites For Signing documents using UAE PASS


Citizens and residents with a valid Emirates ID card are currently the only users eligible for UAE PASS.

Cygnature Account

You need to have a subscription of Cygnature account to sign documents using UAE PASS

Documents you can sign using UAE PASS




Human Resources


Benefits Of Signing using UAE PASS

Legally Acceptable

Going Paperless

Secure User Authentication