What is e-Stamp?

An e-Stamp is a digitized version of a conventional stamp paper. It utilizes cloud technology due to which the users can save their stamp papers at a secured location and in a temper-free, easily retrievable manner.

Secured e-Signing
Get access to both secured
e-Signing and e-Stamping solutions on one platform
e-Stamping Solutions

Automate legalizing of documents through e-Stamp

Upload documents, get them stamped and signed instantly online or using other signing types like live signature, biometric and more through Cygnature

How to procure e-Stamp

e-Stamp can be procured through Cygnature in few easy steps:


Login to Cygnature

Upload document to Cygnature

Generate e-Stamp

Set placeholders & send document for signing
Upload the required documents on the Cygnature
Enter your stamping requirements – like state, type, amount, reference number, document category and other necessary details
Procure e-Stamp online
Share the filled document with the signatory to get it signed digitally






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Cygnature e-Stamp onboarding process

e-Stamp can be procured through Cygnature in few easy steps:

Benefits of using Cygnature e-Stamp

Generate e-Stamp without leaving your work desk
Authenticate signatories and carry signing process online
Access legal documents anytime, anywhere
Meet legal obligations without hassle
Ensure document integrity with blockchain
Tamper-proof record of every document

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