Automated bulk signing

Automate signing of unlimited documents and save endless hours on paperwork

Why do businesses need a bulk signing module?

Statistics show that companies spend around 65% of their time signing documents. Automated bulk signing solution can:

Automates and optimizes bulk signing thereby freeing up company resources

Enables seamless retrieval and management of documents across Google Drive, Drop Box, and local drives

Enhance document security with blockchain element

Enhances accuracy with digitization and reduction in manual intervention etc.

Reduces cost by effectuating a paperless office

How does the Cygnature bulk signing solution work?

  1. User creates a profle on Cygnature
  2. Defines an input folder
  3. Uploads documents in the input folder
  4. Automatically send the documents for eSingning
  5. The signers get the notification for signing request
  6. The signers either digitally or electronically sign the document
  7. The user receives the notification when all signers have signed the documents

Why Cygnature bulk signing solution?

Statistics show that companies spend around 65% of their time signing documents.

This module includes:

Uses in industry

Bulk signatures are used in many different industrial sectors. Some important sectors that can benefit enormously by adopting automated bulk signature software are:


For the finance industry, bulk signing can streamline their invoice approval process; the officials can automatically sign and approve a bunch of invoices in a few seconds.


Manufacturing units, where there is a rigorous process of getting internal approvals, bulk signing can fast-track the entire approval process by allowing the concerned authority to securely sign and approve multiple documents with DSC.


In Healthcare, where patient records and reports are signed and sent out daily, bulk signing allows a smooth administration process, allowing the officials to complete piles of paper formality in just 1/4th of the actual time.


Bulk signing enables the HR division to automatically send documents like NDAs, Contracts, and agreements to multiple recipients, authenticate the recipient’s identity with Aadhar eSign and get them all signed in one go.