Why Adopt e-Signing?

Digitizing the manual processes helps organizations to reduce the usage of paper and build a sustainable environment. Go paperless and make document management easily accessible. Streamline your everyday business activities with digital signatures.

eSignature reduces scanning errors by 92%. Improve accuracy, enable paperless and instant transactions. Going paperless reduces your impact on forests, decreases the amount of waste that is dumped into landfills, cuts energy use and helps lessen the impact of climate change.

Why Cygnature?

Cygnature delivers most secure e-signing experience.


Range of signature types

Sign documents using various range of signature types like digital, electronic, biometric, national ID and live.

Ways of signing documents

Have a choice of signing documents or declining documents. One can also delegate document for signing, co-sign, assign and many more.

Ways of sending documents for signing

Send documents of any file format like PDF, DOC. etc. and can upload from Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box. Also, you can reuse the templates once used. Track and observe the documents sent for signing, set different signing order, comment, and send private messages to signers.

Enhanced security and Blockchain security

With Cygnature you get Blockchain security to the documents where all activities on a document are stored on Blockchain and all activities on the document are tracked & time-stamped.

Mobile application

Users can quickly sign documents using Cygnature’s mobile application.

API integrations

Integrate e-Signature APIs into your systems seamlessly and with high flexibility. All assistance is given from API documentation to the implementation process.

Admin management

A quick and easy to view admin access that allows users to see all activities, profile section, documents, manage subscriptions etc. in minimum clicks.

Take that first step towards building a carbon-neutral society. Let's do it together.

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