Product Features

Cygnature offers the most comprehensive feature set among signing platforms. Explore all features.

Signing Documents

Sign with Electronic Signature

With Cygnature you electronically Draw E-Signature, Select predefined signatures & Upload Signature Image (Supported Formats: jpeg, .png)

  • Sign anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Get convenience in signing & avoid hassles of paper signing, printing, scanning & emailing.
Sign with Electronic Signature

Sign with Digital Signature

Sign documents with hardware key using the digital signing certificate issued by certification authorities

  • The Signature is highly secure as it is password protected
  • Documents cannot be tampered or changed
Sign with Digital Signature-cygnature

Sign with User's Biometrics

User can sign/authenticate with biometrics using Thumbprint & IRIS

  • The choice of Multiple authentication modes
  • You get Multiple ways to authenticate the signer
Sign with User's Biometrics-cygnature

Guest Signing

Sign one time as guest & experience seamless signing. Download signed document & completion certificate

  • A easy 4 -5 step signing process in just 1 minute
  • Not mandatory to open a account and saves you time of sign up
Guest Signing-cygnature

Signer's Calendar

Calendar that displays scheduled Due signatures & Live cygnatures details for quick response and action.

  • A quick view to all activities of month
  • Quick access and easy view
Signer's Calendar-cygnature

Sending Documents for Signing

Extensive document file type support

Supported file formats include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt and many others

  • Supports various formats and types of files
  • No need to convert documents to PDF for signing
Extensive document file type support-cygnature

Document Tracking

Easy to view detailed Document Track with document history & Timestamp

  • A complete record of document history is available to access whenever required
  • The history can be a proof of document signing process in case of conflict
Document Tracking-cygnature

Integration with Google Apps, Dropbox

Upload & Send documents from Google Drive , Drop Box, Browse from system & One Drive

  • You can upload document from various platforms and not only local drive
  • Can keep documents at various platforms and easily access them anytime through Cygnature
Extensive document file type support-cygnature

Advanced Document Options

Setting Document signing due date & Document Validity

  • The signers will get reminders on dates like due date, start date etc
  • No worries to remind the signers manually and waste time
Advanced Document Options, Reminders & Notifications-cygnature

Bulk Sending

Easily send the same document to a large number of signers. Simply import a list of signers and each will receive a unique copy to sign.

  • Easily with just one click you can send document to multiple people.
  • No time waste in sending same document particularly to every signer
Bulk Sending-cygnature


Security and Blockchain

Know exactly where user has signed the document. Captures the GPS location of a document signature, whether it’s from a home computer or from a mobile device.Captures User’s browser & version details. Captures device Name, OS and its version & Logs entire blockchain transaction & document Activity with block details & hash. So you can see summary of all the document details, activity,signer details, signatures & their timestamp

  • Make sure your signers are who they say they are. Cygnature captures all details to ensure that during a conflict area you have proofs with the certificate of completion which gives all details on signing process.
  • Peace of mind.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate that gives complete information of the signing process like who the signers are from where they have signed the document, what was the device and operating system used and many more details.

  • Cygnature captures all details to ensure that during a conflict area you have proofs with the certificate of completion which gives all details on signing process.
  • Peace of mind.

Two-factor OTP Authentication

Two factor OTP Authentication to login for account security & access

  • Two step authentication for Login and Access
  • Higher security on Login
User Verification-cygnature

Two step Verification

E-mail & Mobile no. verification for true user credentials & identity

  • Two factor authentication for greater security
  • Authenticity on signing up process
Two step Verification-cygnature

Workflow Management

Setting the signing Order

Send documents to multiple users in serial, parallel order to fit your ideal process. Require users to sign one by one or allow them all to sign at the same time.

  • Set the order as per signing requirement
  • No need to manually inform the signers to know the signing order

Approval Process Control

Approve/Decline to sign the documents with a reason

  • Easily decline the signing of document or access other process controls
  • No need to manually inform the signers on process control options like decline and reason of decline

Observe Documents

User role that keeps the track of entire document activity as a passive witness. Preview, E-mail, download signed documents & Review entire document Activity

  • The document signing process is observed by a third party.
  • The whole signing process is observed by a 3rd party to keep the track of things happening and you need not manually involve a third party to look into the matter.
Observe Documents-cygnature

Send Private Message

Send Private messages individually to the signers in context to individual signing requirement

  • You can send a particular message to a particular signer without manually calling.
  • No need to manually inform signer on the private messages on a call specifically or personally.
Send Private Message-cygnature

Reminders & Notifications

Set up automated email reminders for signers to complete the signing process and add deadline notifications to expire untouched documents or transactions.

  • Easy reminding of signing activities.
  • Why to inform signer manually on signing of documents, let Cygnature do it for you.
Advanced Document Options, Reminders & Notifications-cygnature

Social Media Integration

Sign Up/Login via social media accounts

  • Easy Sign up process
  • Saves Time
Social Media Integration-cygnature

Contact Management

Add/Edit contacts & contact groups to select as signers

  • Easy to add contact and select signers immediately
  • Saves Time

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