Features of Cygnature

Experience the most simplified, secure and advanced signing process with Cygnature. A solution that is trusted by individuals, small and medium business, and enterprises. Be it any industry, Cygnature helps secure your documents digitally and provides document storage space as well. 


Extensive configurations. Seamless integration with any flow

Simplified Signing

Set up documents for sequential/parallel signing, single/bulk signing

Document Storage

Sign and store documents on Cygnature Cloud

Audit trails

Records Geo-location, Lat-Long coordinates, browser, device, IP & timestamp

Integrity of Data

World-class cryptographic algorithms for maintaining data integrity


Authenticate signers with OTP, biometrics, face and speaker recognition


Allows to create and sign documents anywhere, anytime & on any device

Blockchain Stamping

A signature completion certificate with Block Chain certificate


Signing process that happens over webcam, as if signing in person