Why to use Cygnature for financial contracting?

Sign all financial documents within few minutes

Increase the efficiency by signing all important financial documents like income statements, cash flow statement, balance sheet, accounts receivable aging report, business plan, budget report and so on, in no time using Cygnature.

Track real-time status of external and internal financial documents

Reduce time and efforts by getting real time status of all internal and external documents like official receipts, sales invoice, purchase orders, check or cash vouchers, purchase requisitions and more through Cygnature’s audit trail & Blockchain hash feature.

Get secured electronic signature and remain compliant

The finance team needs to get a bunch of documents signed by the employees. Cygnature helps you get the employees' signatures on expense reports, thus enhancing cash management and compliance.

Have vendor contract and quotation signed with ease

Sign quotations online and send vendor agreement like fixed price contracts, cash reimbursable contract, delivery contract, distribution agreement contract etc. online and get them digitally signed while staying compliant through a single digital signing solution.

Reduce paperwork - save cost and time

Sign all reports related to the firm’s finances online without dealing with printing, scanning, and signing physically through Cygnature, thus reducing the cost and saving both time and effort.

Why Cygnature?

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