Streamline Your Financial Documentation with Ease

E-signature Solution for the Financial Industry

E-signature is like a Silver Lining in the Finance Department

The Financial documents are confidential and crucial for any organization. These documents need to be signed securely so that there is no chance of tampering. Accelerate your business processes with simplified and secure e-signatures with Cygnature. Complete documentations on time, with e-signatures. 

Enhances Financial Paperwork with e-Signature

Securely sign all finance documents

Keep e-signatures simple & easy

Track real-time status of document

Get Secure Electronic Signatures

Cut paperwork and Save cost & time

Use Cases

  1. Internal approvals on reimbursement forms, budgets on events, budgets on purchase of  new materials, asset’s etc.
  2. Opening and Closing of Accounts of clients
  3. Client PO/ Invoices approvals on Cygnature
  4. Monthly, quarterly & yearly expense reports
  5. Internal audit reports that are presented to higher management for approvals
  6. Presenting the Cash flow statements, P & L statement or Balance sheet
  7. Financial reports related to budgets, account payable’s, account receivables, expenses, etc.
  8. Approvals on investment activities
  9. Reports on sales results and the company’s actual performance compared to the business plans.
  10. Approvals on Monthly, Quarterly, & yearly projections for the firm’s finances.

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