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e-Signature Benefits HR in Many Ways

Speed-up employee onboarding & Recruiting process

Make digital difference to streamline processes

Track the real-time status of document

Get Secure Electronic Signatures

Cut paperwork and Save cost & time

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As a HR Industry we have lot of paperwork that is very confidential. So we were looking ways for a more secured signing solution that eliminates the paperwork hassles. With Cygnature we have the documents signed and protected by Blockchain, Now that’s a perfect signing solution.

Mr. Umesh Rahteja

Sums Corp

Human Resources Simplified with Cygnature

Top Use Cases

  1. The Welcome letter that is handed over by HR to a new  employee joined which has Master policies and Terms of company can be sent vis Cygnature and signed by employee on Cygnature
  2. Offer Letter sending and acceptance through Cygnature
  3. Onboarding documents acceptance: Basic details form, Emergency contact form, Handbooks, HR background check form etc.
  4. Performance review forms like quarterly review or appraisal forms can be filled by HR and employee both and signed on Cygnature.
  5. For the Sales Team: Reimbursement forms which are submitted to Finance department and approved by higher managers will be signed on Cygnature.
  6. Tax filing documents:self-attestation (Form 16) (From account dept. to employees)
  7. Background check consent from HR agencies to the HR dept. of company will be signed and sent on Cygnature
  8. Event attendance confirmation on activities
  9. Filling Timesheets and their approval from senior managers on Cygnature
  10. NDA signed with employee (Consultants)

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