Why to use Cygnature for HR processes?

Complete pre-hiring process in a matter of a few minutes

Instead of asking employees and prospective employees to fill out forms and sign documents in person, the human resources team can complete the formalities online. Send the offer letter or other relevant documents via Cygnature and have them e-Signed in a matter of a few minutes. The candidates can either sign the documents with electronic or national ID e-Sign.

Make onboarding quick and easy for the employees

Reduce the time and effort required to complete onboarding formalities and onboard employees by sending NDA, appointment letters, right from the Cygnature platform. Get all documents signed by newly hired employees prior to their joining dates for a hassle-free onboarding. Also sign contracts with freelancers and consultants using Cygnature.

Send internal documents in bulk for signing

The HR team needs to get a bunch of documents like - consent forms, organizational policies releases or policy amendment documents, important notification circulars, etc., signed regularly. The bulk sending feature of Cygnature enables the HR team to send the same document to multiple candidates or employees in one go allowing the HR team to complete internal signing procedures in volume effortlessly.

Get vendor contracts signed

Send vendor agreement online and get them digitally signed while staying compliant like vendor contracts, recruitment contract with staff recruitment companies and consultants, purchase orders, supplementary documents, and invoices anytime for approvals and get them signed fast thus enabling smooth flow of vendor supplies.

Use pre-defined templates

HR has to frequently send the same document to multiple stakeholders: employees, consultants, vendors, etc. Instead of uploading the document each time, Cygnature allows the HR team to create pre-defined reusable templates that can be sent for signing to complete an HR process. The HR team can create reusable templates for agreements, NDAs, offer letters, appointment letters, and much more.

Enhance onboarding experience set sequential signing order

Get prior approval of the designated stakeholders before sending the documents to the recipient. Cygnature ensures the signing workflow is in accordance with your internal approval process.

Tamper-proof signing process

HR processes need vigilant checking and tamper-proof recording. With integrated Blockchain elements, electronic signatures bring in the much-needed confidentiality in the signing process. Go truly digital with e-Sign and manage remote with added ease.

Why Cygnature?

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