Simplify internal approval with Cygnature e-Signing solution. Send documents for approval right from Cygnature and get the approval from multiple stakeholders as per the organization hierarchy, anywhere at any time. Allow electronic or digitally signing depending upon the document’s sensitivity, send e-Signature reminder, keep track of the signing workflow, and much more with Cygnature e-Signing solution.

Cygnature e-Signing solution for Internal Approvals across the industry verticals

Banking & NBFC

The legal enforceability of Cygnatures' e-Signatures ensures that you collect digital sign on critical banking documents like sanction letter, PO requisition, PO approval, capex approval, opex approval while staying complaint. Cut down on time taken for completing paper-based formalities. Get digital sign on employee onboarding, relieving letter, evaluation forms, engagement letter, salary annexure while authenticating the employee's identity with national ID e-Sign.


Fasten claim processing with Cygnature e-Signing solution. Complete signing formalities with key stakeholders. With Cygnature insures, other parties involved in the claim process, and representatives from the insurance company can sign forms from anywhere, at any time using e-Sign.


Eliminate back and forth on your supply chain. Get internal approvals real fast at any time. Invite the concerned parties to e-Sign/digitally sign sensitive documents like purchase requisition, approval, purchase order, work order and reduce friction and accelerate processes.


As the legal team deals with confidential and legal matters, using digital signature provided by Cygnature ensures the legality and validity of the signatures for such confidential documents along with identity of the signers. Also, with Cygnature, you can keep reminding your key stakeholders to complete the signing formalities within a specified time.

IT Operations

The IT staff deals with a ton of paper-intensive processes. Cygnature enables the IT team to e-Sign/digitally sign documents like employee onboarding documents, relieving letters, evaluation forms, salary annexure, purchase requisition, approval, purchase order reducing the overall turnaround time.

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