How Cygnature e-Signing helps the legal firms?

Complete legal formalities remotely

Reduce the need to meet in person for signing documents. With Cygnature e-Signing solution, legal teams can get tons of legal agreements signed remotely while staying compliant. Multiple signatories can digitally sign agreements or any confidential documents at their convenience.

Maintain security and compliance

A person who has signed a document may claim not to have done so, or there is always a possibility of a signature being forged. Cygnature e-Signature solution can efficiently address such issues as it provides complete access to audit trails with a digital signature certificate which makes the signature admissible in court.

Simplify internal approvals and contract signing

Cygnature allows the legal team to get e-Signatures from multiple stakeholders, anytime, anywhere. Make contract signing easy with Cygnature, send confidential documents to clients, and get them signed at their convenience.

Generate legal documents

With the Cyganture e-Stamp feature, the legal team can quickly generate legal contracts and documents. Pay stamp duty online according to the document type, affix the stamp on the digital document, get the signs of the concerned signatories and procure the physical copy of the stamped document – all from one Cygnature platform.

Why Cygnature?

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