Simplify the agreements, NDA’s, Contracts with Blockchain security for the Legal Industry

Shift To More Secure E-Signatures

Be an Individual or a corporate legal firm, Cygnature enables signing of NDA’s, Contracts, Agreements smootly that you and your clients experience the most seamless & secure signing of documents by keeping high privacy to the documents with Blockchain Technology.

Benefits For Legal Departments

Legally Admissible

With various acts around the globe, Electronic signatures carry the same weightage as the wet ink signature carries globally. Once you sign an agreement electronically Cygnature ensures that it is tamper proof and cannot be changed anyways.

Save time and increase productivity

Cygnature helps in reducing the cost of administrative tasks, such as printing, faxing, scanning, overnight mailing, and storage. Overall when there is alteration these manual process of signing documents, your resources end up increasing productivity.

Increased Traceability, Security with Smart contracts

When you sign documents with Cygnature it is ensured that there is no tampering done to the documents by tracing every step of document in Blockchain. This helps to trace the history of the changes in the document through a series of timestamped chain of data to ensure data integrity.

Some Common Legal documentation that can be signed on Cygnature

  • Signing of Contracts and Legal Agreements between Clients, MSA’s, Approval agreements
  • NDA’s between Clients and service providers
  • Partnership Agreements between partner companies for service and share terms
  • Board Resolutions written by legal department for approvals from the higher management
  • Joint Venture agreements between partners defining the terms and Shareholder Agreements
  • Shareholders agreements between the internal and external stakeholders defining the terms
  • A memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU) formal agreement between client and service provider defining the terms of official partnerships.
  • Intellectual Property Licensing to licensingauthorities
  • Retention/Fee Agreements between the client and service provider
  • Confidentiality Agreements between internal departments
  • Power of Attorney Agreements between internal teams and higher management

Customer Stories

"At Cygnet Infotech we have number of NDA’s we need to sign with the consultants, Clients or vendors. Cygnature has helped us sign these NDA’s remotely anytime at the first intake itself and that too by reducing costs that incur in sending couriers at remote locations."

Niraj Jain

Cygnet Infotech

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