Why smart e-Signatures are the last mile of digital transformation?


According to a report by Finances Online, “the e-Signature global market will reach $9.07 billion by 2023.” 

We have various advantages of living in a digitally connected world. When the world came to a halt during the pandemic of 2020, the adoption of digital transformation became an integral part of the COVID survival strategy. This shift prompted businesses to discover new ways to cater to their end-users without having to be physically present.  

Online document signing or e-signing became one of the top priorities that came into light as a mandate since everyone was working from home. The signing process was highly impacted and hence the businesses needed to digitally transform their processes during and post-pandemic eras.

With the adoption of e-signing solutions as a part of transformation on a large scale, businesses have started experiencing some of the following challenges: 

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Cygnature offers utmost security that safeguards the legality, unforgeability, and imitability of the documents. This smart Blockchain based solution allows businesses and the users to be connected and record each step of the signers with all the interactions being 100% encrypted and sealed against tampering.