What industries should use electronic signatures

  • July 4, 2019
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

What Industries should use Electronic Signatures

Organizations these days in every sector look to get technologically advanced and in parallel also need to take care of the environmental systems. Cutting off the paper and opting for an Electronic signing is one-way companies can prove that they are technologically advanced and also are concerned about the environment.

Construction and engineering industry

In the construction Industry, there are a lot of people involved in a project like engineers, contractors, zoning officials, and construction teams, and these projects have certain timelines in which they need to be completed.

Coordinating for contracts and document signing usually is a time-consuming process and on construction sites, it becomes hard to keep them safe or store them.

To save time and store the documents safely the construction Industry should go for Electronic Signatures.

Accounting and tax

The Accounting and tax industry need signing documents from remote places and on time. All documents like confidentiality agreement, or an asset purchase agreement, LLC, etc. E-signatures will provide accost effective & convenient way to complete signing transactions.

The Accounting and Tax organizations deal closely with the people, and hence security becomes one important aspect of document signing hence these Industries should opt for Electronic Signatures.

Financial services sector

Switching from paper signing to electronic signing will speed up all financial transactions like loan requests, reimbursement forms, opening accounts, and investment applications.

This will give customers a better experience and FastTrack the processes for a better workflow in the organization and customer transactions.

Marketing industry

The Marketing organizations have lots of work that outsourced wither with the vendors or with the freelancers for some event or for also routine works.

The signing of Invoices and Work Statement becomes easier with Electronic Signatures.

Government sectors

The Government sector involves lot streamlining of heavy paper workflows that need to be stored securely. Also, these documents carry confidential information that needs to kept under high security. This eventually leads to an increase in the cost of storage and security.

With electronic signatures, you can move these processes digitally and save the cost of storage and have the highest security to documents.

Insurance industry

The Insurance Industry involves paperwork like the signing of forms, claim documents, proofs, etc. In this case, it becomes important to sign documents for the customers from anywhere anytime and with any device.

Also signing documents online will give customers a better experience of making processes simplified and quick.

Real estate industry

The Real Estate Industry Invoices a lot of Contracts, NDA’s Agreements, that too in real time. The Real Estate Industry should go for electronic signatures on priority. So the customers can get convenience to sign documents from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Also keeping these contracts, agreements safe and secure is a challenge. With Electronic signatures, you can come over these challenges.

The legal industry

The Legal Industry involves a lot of paperwork which needs to be taken into consideration with aspects like minute details and security. Due care needs to be taken when dealing with the legal Industry in terms of document security and their safe storage. Multiple parties are involved in a certain legal transaction and so that each party has to be aware of the same happening.

The paperwork in the legal Industry makes it too way complicated to prevent this security to the documents and hence paperwork hassles are always a pain.

Going paperless and signing documents with Digital Signature will simplify these document signing processes and hence increase the security to documentation.

SaaS industry

A number of agreements, NDA’s and MSA’s are signed between the clients before the actual work starts and in between the work. These agreements carry very confidential information like policies & software specialties.

These documents need to kept securely & hence IT companies can switch to Electronic Signatures.


Electronic Signatures are more reliable and secure than the wet in signatures be it any Industry or function of the business. An electronic signature is an economical alternative to paper waste and paper consumption. For any Industry, It is very easy to implement electronic Signature and also gives a technological advancement to the company and gives customers a rich experience.

Any Industry who wants to cut paper, go digital for more secure signing can adopt electronic signatures to stand front in this digital era.

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