A Summary to Our Latest e-Signing Masterclass

  • June 15, 2022
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

A successful webinar, the words that we have been listening to for a week now. We are glad that our first-ever masterclass – ‘A Guide to Electronic Signatures with blockchain Security’ was a remarkable success. We received attention from across the globe. The attendees were quite excited to learn about blockchain security and electronic signature.

If you have not been following us, here is a quick detail about our latest webinar. So, exactly one week ago, on June 7, 2022, we organized a 30-minute crash session for attendees to offer a detailed walk-through of digital signing.

We were thrilled with the overwhelming response. There were quite many attendees who showed interest in our masterclass. The main aim of this webinar was to help the attendees with all the quintessential information about e-signing and the upgraded world of technology.

Talking about a world planning to run on artificial intelligence and robotics, technology is in a never-ending exploration phase. The advancement of the industry is at an all-time high with the covid 19 pandemic and its rules for staying at home, everything has become an online affair. The Covid 19 pandemic brought the entire world into a state of lockdown. All the major parts of people’s day-to-day life seem to have lost the offline touch. From purchasing home décor products to personal products and even groceries, everything became online. Along with all things online, the remote work pattern was also introduced. With the advent of technology, the complete process seemed to be easier at first, then gradually, certain challenges were faced by organizations in keeping up with the demands and competition. One of the most compelling challenges was signing the documents. This was faced in both areas, inter-organizational as well as within the client-vendor relation.

The need of the hour was to find out a way to make sure that the document signed is valid, secure, and authentic. In order to do so, there had to be some sort of verification system which could ensure that the document is not tampered with or forged. The digital signing methods proved to be one of the finest inventions and became a necessity. This led to the introduction of blockchain technology. As per the experts, blockchain is a perfect tool to verify the authenticity of the documents. It ensures that there is no chance of tampering or forging.

With our latest masterclass, we wanted to impart knowledge about electronic signatures with blockchain security. We offered a digital signing walkthrough and guided our attendees with several ways to simplify traditional methods of business. We also showed the use cases of e-signing in multiple industries.

During the interactive session, there were various questions asked by our attendees. Let us look at the FAQs.

Q. Is there a capability to check whether the document was signed using Cygnature?

 A. Yes, we cannot check if the document was signed using another application, but if it was signed using Cygnature, we can check.

Q. Can we increase the number of documents allowed to be signed on the go?

 A. Yes, it is doable. As a part of the subscription, there is a particular limit given to it, but if you wish to increase that, you can send an email to support, and we will surely help.

Q. How can we check the security or authenticity of the document?

 A. There are two parts to it, whether the document is legally valid or not. The Cygnature tool itself helps you with the information. You just need to click on the signature, and it will take you to the details about the document and signature. You can also check details such as who created the document, who signed it, and in what sequence from the audit trail in the blockchain that is maintained by us. A complete record will be provided which will help you maintain the authenticity of the document.

Q. Do we have 21CFR Part 11 compliant workflows?

 A. We do have 21 CFR part 11 compliance which is relevant for the pharma industry to maintain their documentation.

Cygnature by Cygnet Infotech is an innovative approach to digital signing, a blockchain-enabled e-signing tool. Streamline the documentation processes of your organization with Cygnature. If you attended and missed out asking questions, feel free to reach us out and solve all the queries related to e-signing.

If you missed out on attending the webinar, watch the recording and get trained today!

As we celebrated our 22nd anniversary recently, we are offering an anniversary special offer of 25% Discount.

Celebrating 22 years CTA

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