Cygnature’s e-Stamp launch – A module ensuring effortless compliance

  • November 15, 2021
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

As a credible business entity, you require staying compliant with industry-set quality and legal norms. Keeping documentation related to all sorts of operations up to date is one of the necessities to ensure compliance. In the present times, when going contactless is the new normal, e-Stamping comes as the best alternative to physical stamping.

Procuring stamp papers for any agreement or contract is a very laborious and time-consuming process. Since, everything is going digital, it has become difficult to commute to court or stamp vendors for procuring stamp papers.

What is e-stamp & how users can utilize this Cygnature feature?

An e-Stamp is a digitized version of a conventional stamp paper. Cygnature enables user to create stamped documents with the following steps:

  1. Upload the required documents in the Cygnature
  2. Enter your stamping requirements – like state, type, amount, reference number, document category, and other necessary details
  3. Procure e-Stamp online
  4. Share the filled document with the signatory to get it signed digitally

What is e-stamp

It is a seamless way of keeping the legal processes in place so that the businesses can stay operationally active.

Why is it important to switch to e-Stamps?

Switching to e-Stamps is the need of the hour if we put the importance succinctly. It is an exemplary solution that has shown how technology can help fulfill the legal compliance requirements. By switching to e-Stamps, one can procure the following benefits:

  • The signing of documents does not require people to meet in person
  • It allows them to carry out legal documentation work without leaving their workspaces. Also, the process can be carried out in a date-and-time-stamped manner
  • Users can access the legal documents anytime, hassle-free
  • It proves to be a more robust way of meeting legal obligations as the e-Stamp allows keeping track of the location and IP address of the computers or devices
  • Since the records will be maintained using blockchain, e-Stamps are exceptionally traceable
  • Tamper-proof record of documents is easily verifiable too.

Top features of Cygnature e-Stamp

Cygnature e-Stamp product conforms to all safety and reliability standards. The top features of the e-Stamp comprise:

  • Module addressing stamping challenges: e-Stamp complements the modern world’s functioning style and users’ operational needs
  • Offers choice of signatures: If you want to have multiple choices in signatures it is designed to help in this regard too
  • Tamper-proof: Cygnature e-Stamps feature is designed using Blockchain technology. So, you will find them entirely traceable and tamper-proof.
  • Secured: e-Stamp offers the convenience of having an unalterable audit trail. Hence, all records are ready to be retrieved whenever desired. Further, advanced encryption offers these added covers.
  • Versatile: e-Stamps are designed keeping multiple user profiles in mind. The users can register themselves as individuals, enterprises, or applications to enjoy customized offering.

e-Stamp onboarding process

e-Stamp users need to do the following to complete the documentation process:

  • Submit onboarding details: It helps offer customized solutions to end users. They can provide details comprising profile details, authority level, etc.
  • Sign authorization form: The e-Stamp buyers need to sign the authorization form for procuring it.
  • Pay one-time e-Stamp setup fee: Depending upon the profile and plan chosen, the users need to pay e-Stamp fee for set-up of the document/arrangement.
  • Deposit money in wallet: e-Stamp provider creates a wallet. The user adds money to this wallet and replenishes it as well when required.
  • Monitor wallet: To keep the process smooth and seamless, the users may need to replenish wallet as and when required.
  • Dispatch of physical e-Stamps: Once all processes are done, and documents are complete, a physical copy of the e-Stamp purchased is dispatched to the client at the end of the month.

e-Stamp dispenses the need for searching for a stamp vendor. Its features are well-defined and perfectly designed to meet the users’ documentation requirements.

Start an account today and get firsthand experience of how to fulfill legal requirements by using e-Stamps service.

Cygnature offers comprehensive e-Stamping solution to help you digitise your legal requirements. Connect with us to know more.

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