How Cygnet Infotech Automated Its HR Operations With RPA

  • By HR Desk. Author - Alap Mehta, Vice President, HR, Cygnet Infotech
  • November 15, 2022
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Automation is changing the world and is now in more demand than ever. Businesses not benefiting from it are wasting their time, resources, and finances if they are not opting for RPA bots.

RPA bots enhance business operations. This automation can save employees from executing tedious and time-consuming tasks and allow us to invest our precious time in other productive tasks.

What Are RPA Bots?

Robotic process automation, also known as RPA, is a software that makes it easy for businesses to build, manage, and deploy software bots that mimic human actions associated with the software and digital systems.

Just like humans, software bots can perform activities such as understanding what is on the screen, navigate systems, complete keystrokes, and extract and identify data. The great thing about these bots is that they are faster and more consistent, making the work error-free without human intervention.

How RPA Automates HR Operations?

The Background

The HR department at Cygnet Infotech deals with a vast amount of data that needs to be processed on a daily basis and hinders the overall productivity of the HR professionals. By automating all types of manual HR processes, RPA bots have made it easier to combat this issue.

Integrating RPA bots into our HR system allows the system to take recurring instruction-based tasks and perform them without errors. If there is no error, RPA bots will manage all the data in seconds.

Using RPA for our HR department has revolutionized the way the HR department operates at Cygnet Infotech. From better efficiency to significant ROI, RPA bots are good for big and small businesses. RPA bots can also work in the background without human intervention.

As mentioned earlier, RPA bots helped us in automating monotonous tasks without any errors. The HR team at Cygnet Infotech was completely overwhelmed with the vast data inputs from several sources like email, internal records, HRIS systems, etc.

We had to update these data points in several tools, such as the e-sign solution or HRMS. Both of these tools had different structures, data requirements, and workflows to generate the needed results.

After investing several workdays into data management, we leveraged Cygnet Infotech’s Automation Whiz platform. An automation tool that offers robotic process automation, mimics human action, and minimizes errors.

We integrated the bot to e-Sign and HRIS for smart solutions.

To tackle the HR challenges, we initially wanted to automate the processes such as the documentation creation, signing, and uploading of the completed, signed document to the self-service portal.

The Solution

To deliver employees their signed documents quickly, we used the automation bot, which uploaded the documents to the client’s respective self-service portals.

With this, we built a base and needed infrastructure to deliver the work without errors and delays.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit we observed was that we were able to reduce the amount of time it took to complete a task. The task that would generally take 3 days to complete was doable within 10-15 minutes. A TAT of just 15 minutes was observed.

Moreover, we rechecked the documents to ensure there were no issues or mistakes and saw that the AW bot worked on the documents with 100% accuracy without any errors.

A few of the benefits of the AW bot are mentioned below:

  • Increased Productivity: One of the primary benefits of using RPA in HR is productivity betterment. Mundane tasks that generally take hours can now be completed in a few seconds, thanks to the latest automation technology! It opened several rooms for employees as they could do other essential tasks and help the organization grow. The HR department’s productivity went through the roof, shooting up the sky.
  • Accuracy: If there is anything we noticed about RPA in Human Resources, we saw that automation bots provided unparalleled work accuracy. The automation bots came with pre-coded technology, which resulted in all the work being accurate without any errors. The accuracy level eliminated the need for rechecking the document after each process. With this, the employees got more time to emphasize the priority tasks and let RPA bots do the rest of the work.
  • Scalability: Due to the ever-changing market demands, without RPA, we had to research the market to optimize the work according to the changes. However, with RPA, we realized that since it is programmed, it can change with the company’s evolution and can be programmed again according to the brand’s requirements. It offered a new degree of versatility which we never got before.


These are several ways Cygnet Infotech leveraged automation bots to automate the HR operations and departments. For businesses who want to enhance and improve the productivity of their brand,  Automation Whiz can help to a great extent. It allows you to automate the HR, finance, supply chain, logistics, and customer support processes.

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