10 mistakes to avoid when selecting an e-Signature solution

  • April 3, 2019
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Adoption of e-signatures is running fast all over the world. People have different solutions to evaluate and systems to choose from. So evaluation. Comparing and selecting a esign solution can be difficult. So we give you some common mistakes to avoid when you chose your esign solution so that you choose the right one.

1. Choosing an e-signature solution that isn’t Secure and Trustworthy

The purpose when you choose for signing documents digitally is you need a solution that is more secure and overcomes your problem of paper signing. A solution which gives the highest security is the one who assures you keep your documents safe and ensures 100% authenticity of signer and promises non-tampering of document after signing. With Cygnature when you sign a document the process is recorded and audit trail is stored on blockchain giving you 100% authenticity on signers, and non-repudiation of signers.

2. Choosing an e-signature solution that isn’t user-friendly

You know your solution is user-friendly when you sign a document in just 2-3 clicks. Any esign software well should give you minimum steps for sending for signing or signing documents. The more the process is guided, the more it is better. Additionally, a software that is accessible and usable. A solution that is easy to sign up, sign documents and get documents signed should be the choice.

3. Choosing e-signatures that don’t integrate with the existing applications

Your e signature solution should always integrate with your current software’s like Google drive. One drive or any other software that is internally used. Your e sign solution is used with full automation only when it is integrated seamlessly into your management systems.

4. Going up with Free Trials

While buying a vehicle you are always offered a test drive. This test drive helps you determine the features you actually need, love or want. That is how it works. Always when choosing a esign solution you must avail a free trial and make sure you know what your organization needs and what the service provider gives. With Cygnature you avail a free trial that can be used for Unlimited days.

5. Choosing a solution that doesn’t meet industry compliance

When you purchase a esign solution make sure it suffices all laws and regulations of the e-signature so that when you or your clients sign any documents locally or Internationally there is no conflict over the electronic method of signing. For instance, the electronic signature software you purchase should meet regulations, such as the ESIGN Act, eIDAS, and laws that govern your country and your client’s country.

6. Choosing a solution that is one stop solution for all your signing requirements

Whenever you chose a esign solution makes sure it is only the solution for all your signing needs. You should never have multiple signing solutions for multiple requirements. One solution should full all signing requirements in terms of options and in terms of security. With Cygnature we have got u covered. You get multiple types of signatures like electronic, Digital and Biometric. With Blockchain your documents are secured to the highest level.

7. Not evaluating long-term benefits

When you plan to go for an electronic signature, your objectives should be clear whether you are looking for long term security or planning to cut cost or go paperless. Hence companies need to identify the objective and its long term benefits. A solution that is cheaper will be attractive or appealing but one needs to know if it gives that level of security your company needs.

8. Buying an e-signature solution that isn’t feature rich

A esign solution should give what it promises. Security and flexibility are basic purposes of one signing electronically. But having large number of features enables users to sign seamlessly and easily in minimum steps. A guided UI with not too many features but with qualitative features that will help user sign fast.

9. Choosing an e-sign solution that doesn’t give updates regularly

As technology is updating, so are we & our solutions. A esign solution should be able to cope up and run with the Industrial standards and should provide all that a standard esign solution will provide.

10. Buying an e-signature solution that isn’t mobile-friendly

With increasing cross border communication and having people sign documents on the go, choose a solution that gives signing on mobile too. Always choose a solution that lets you sign documents anywhere, anytime and from any device.


So before choosing a esign solution know the objective of going for a esign solution. Evaluate vendors before you choose in terms of security and features. After all this, avoid the above mistakes.

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