Today, online signatures offer you a wide variety of benefits, one of which is signing contracts remotely. Signing digital contracts with Cygnature is legally valid and enforceable. Cygnature enables contract signing in various industries.

Cygnature e-Signing solution for contract signing across the industry verticals


Getting physical signatures on contracts is challenging for publishers whose authors are remotely located. Cygnature helps you to sign remotely where physical signing is not feasible.


Physically signing a rental agreement is an expensive and time-consuming affair. Cygnature facilitates remote signing of rental agreements and contracts.


For Indirect tax compliance, companies need to get suppliers to acknowledge the balance available in their books with the corporates to provide credits to vendors and payment periods. Through Cygnature, get a quick acknowledgment from your vendors upon digitally signing the balance confirmation documents. Cygnature also streamlines signing of invoices, purchase orders, contracts with customers and vendors.


Cygnature allows signing insurance proposal forms online remotely by customers and appointment of new agents and brokers.


Allows remote digital signing of legal agreements that involves multiple signatories.


Allows signing contracts with faculty and tutors remotely and automatically uploading the signed documents to the CLM repository.


Cygnature enables secure remote contract signing across different stakeholders like equipment and raw material providers. It also allows signing sensitive, confidential agreements, clinical trials, and laboratories reports while maintaining a complete audit trail of the signing sequence and ensuring traceability.


Helps in signing the vendor agreements, statement of work, etc.


Allows signing legal contracts & NDAs remotely, especially where in-person contract signing is not feasible.

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