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    What Is e-Stamp?

    An e-stamp is a digitized version of a conventional stamp paper. It utilizes cloud technology due to which the users can save their stamp papers at a secured location and in a temper-free, easily retrievable manner.

    Why e-Stamp?

    Procuring stamp papers for any agreement or contract is a very laborious and time-consuming process. In recent times, where everything is going digital, it has become difficult to commute to court or stamp vendors for procuring stamp papers. Contrary to the traditional stamp duty, e-Stamp can be procured online and can also be signed online.

    How To Procure e-Stamp?

    e-Stamp can be procured through Cygnature in few easy steps:






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    Benefits Of Using Cygnature e-Stamp

    Generate e-Stamp without leaving your work desk

    Authenticate signatories and carry signing process online

    Access legal documents anytime, anywhere

    Meet legal obligations without hassle

    Ensure document integrity with blockchain

    Tamper-proof record of every document

    What Is Cygnature?

    Cygnature is a feature-rich and secured digital signing solution that authenticates signers, offers them a range of signature types for signing, and protects the document’s integrity. Cygnature helps users have quick, paperless, and efficient workflow, centralized document storage, and a complete audit trail of the signing process.

    Why Cygnature?

    Cygnature is a blockchain-based esigning solution that helps in the procurement of stamps online and legalizes documents with ease. It has many other features like:

    Unlimited contacts and signers

    You can save unlimited contacts and signers on the Cygnature platform.

    Certified signature

    Every signature on a document is a certified sign.

    Certificate of completion

    You get a Certificate of completion once the signing process is complete.

    Audit trail

    Cygnature Logs entire blockchain transaction & document Activity with block details & hash.

    Active directory integration

    Active Directory Integration to log in through system credentials