How Cygnature e-Signing helps the healthcare industry?

Secured contract e-Signing

When it comes to online contract signing, addressing the location barriers become critical; moreover, the contracts signed are confidential, which calls for a secured authenticated signing procedure. Cygnature enables secured remote contract signing across the healthcare industry like hospitals, pharma labs, medical equipment manufacturers, the life science industry, and more. Cygnature maintains a complete audit trail of the signing sequence, ensuring traceability.

Sign confidential documents online

Mainer times sensitive confidential agreements, clinical trial reports and laboratories reports are shared over unsecured mediums like emails for signature. Cygnature ensures complete security of the document with Blockchain. The document signed from the Cygnature platform are tampered proof with complete audit trail.

Compliance with CFR 21 Part 11

Cygnature ensures enforceability and adherence to 21 CFR for sensitive and confidential documents like GXP documents, SOP, sampling reports, equipment calibration, test results. Cygnature secures the workflow creation, signing, and user authentication modules - making the signing process even more secure with multiple authentication layers and capturing audit trails and timestamps of signing.

Why Cygnature?

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