How Cygnature e-Signing helps legal departments?

Execute contracts quickly

Reduce contract execution time by allowing single or more signatories to sign contracts remotely and digitally in a fraction of a second. Cygnature uses Blockchain technology to process unlimited contracts swiftly and securely.

Increased traceability and security

Cygnature traces every step of the document in Blockchain ensuring there is no tampering involved while signing the documents. It also helps to trace the history of the changes in the documents through a series of timestamped chain of data to ensure data integrity.

Easy follow up

Tracking the status of the documents through the approval chain is easier with Cygnature. It also also allows sending automatic reminders at times when the signature is pending from any signatory.

Get internal approvals in no time

Cygnature helps legal departments to get e-Signatures from multiple teams at any time and from any location. With Cygnature, send confidential documents to groups for approvals and have them signed when it's convenient for them.

Why Cygnature?

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