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Quickly sign documents from anywhere in the world, close sales deals faster, and reduce the sales cycle time. Get documents signed securely with Cygnature enhancing the sales productivity. Deliver smooth document signing experience to your customers & clients with Cygnature.

How easily can you sign Sales documents with Cygnature

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As our sales team is always travelling, there used to be delay in document signing for documents like NDA’s, Agreements, proposals etc. With Cygnature we sign documents anywhere, anytime and on any device. A perfect signing solution when you are on the “GO”.

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Cygnature Accelerates Your Sales Revenue

Save Time and Cost

An average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost documents. Printing, storing and managing of documents is also a cost to the company. With Cygnature protect your signed documents using the blockchain technology and avoiding tampering or loss of documents.

Bring Efficiency in Businesses

Cygnature helps companies get rid of manual signing processes and move more towards automation, and security. With Cygnature signing and managing documents becomes so easy that you can sign almost any document in only 60 seconds.

Customer Experience & Environmental Benefits

Cygnature lets you and your clients sign documents anywhere, anytime and on any device to make the signing process fast and secure. Saying goodbye to paper signing helps your company to make a positive impact on the environment.

Use Cases

  1. NDA’s between Enterprise and  potential partners
  2. Proposals that are submitted to the potential customers
  3. MSA’s Master Service agreements signed between Service providers
    and customers
  4. Statement of work signed between Client and Service provider for specific project
  5. One MSA will have hundreds of Statement of work documents
    which are to be signed by both Client and Service provider(FYI)
  6. Invoices and payments receipts that are generated from Service provider to the client and approved by client
  7. Change request documents: Changes in requirements of project or statement of work with some additions or alterations are signed by both client and Service provider
  8. Non-Compete agreements (NCA) between Client and Service provider
  9. Sales /Purchase Orders from any client to any service provider
  10. Licensing Agreements between licensing authorities and companies
  11. Agreements between company and end-User

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