Biometric Signatures- The Future of Signing

Biometric Signatures – The Future of Signing

The Emergence of Signature Types

Signatures are basically used to authenticate documents, transactions and other paper/manual based instruments. Signature on any paper/document implies that the signer approves the responsibility of the data of the document. The traditional method of signing the process required a signer in person to sign and verify a particular document. It was more popular because of its distinctive property of handwritten and styling pattern which was difficult to imitate.

With the passage of time, online signatures were introduced to overcome the hassle of manual signing and verification. The electronic signatures took over the global market. While businesses were adopting this digital transformation, many types of e-signatures were introduced like digital and biometric signatures based on the level of authentication.

The electronic and digital signatures hold their own importance and are proven beneficial to many businesses. Biometric Signatures, on the other hand, holds maximum authenticity as compared to the others because the wet signatures can be imitated easily but biometric signature verification becomes superior and leaves no room for imitation.

What is a Biometric Signature?

Biometric Signature is analyzing and recording people’s physical characteristics. These characteristics are encrypted, stored securely and embedded in the signed document. The biometric data is unique to every individual and therefore is used to identify an individual as well as link a particular document or data to him.

Biometric Signatures verify the unique pattern of bodily features such as the retina, iris, fingerprint or voice, embedded to identity and helps in using it for recognition and verification purposes. This type of signature is used for critical transactions. The biometric technology has been adopted by the global market rapidly and is benefitting in simplifying their work process and earning revenues too.


In 2018, the Global biometric systems brought around 21.8 billion U.S. dollars and the mobile biometric brought in over 20 billion.

Also, Mobile wallet apps are increasingly using biometrics for many transactions for an enhanced level of security and authentication.

Types of Biometric Signing

Face Recognition

Consists of face detection and tracking, facial feature detection, face representation and matching.


The use of an individual’s both irises and its unique pattern for signing and verification of the document.


Capturing the pattern of tips of fingers that is unique for every individual to maintain the data authenticity.

These advanced security features of biometric signing ensure the data integrity of documents while the signing process.

Benefits of Biometric Signature

  • Fast and secure
  • Reduces paperwork and costs
  • Easy and quick access to documents
  • Easily integrates with any software
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Less prone to forgery
  • 100% legal validity

Application of Biometric Signatures

Biometric signatures are being used significantly in every industry these days. Below listed can make the most out of it.

  • Law enforcement (criminal identification) and public security
  • National Security (Military/Navy)
  • Civil identification
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial applications: Online shopping and transaction (consumer/customer identification)
  • Banking
  • Government Organizations
  • Public administration (Self-assessment tax returns, registration, legal procedures)
  • HR process (employee attendance and details)

The Future of Signing

In a world where businesses are going digital, signatures have preserved their significance. Initially being less authentic, trust issues and less reliability on e-signatures had led people to hold on their hands toward digital signing but with the ability of biometric signatures, businesses are considering it as the only means of verification. The future of signing without any doubt is Biometric signatures. Biometrics has made possible to measure all the physical traits which are unique to an individual and are proven to be 100% authentic. We at Cygnature will help your business to integrate this Biometric signing process in your work system for a better future.

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