How digitization & e-Stamping make documentation easy?

  • September 11, 2019
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

By and large, every documentation that needs to be notarized or have legal authentication needsstamping and franking for it be of value. Doing everything manually can be very cumbersome. With the speed in digitizationit’s a delight to see e-stamps or digital stamps available in banks and other places where stamping is necessary like the notary offices making the process easier than before.

An overview

Paying stamp duty has become an integral part of any transaction you do in India. These could be for selling or purchasing a house, or signing an agreement for starting your own business, it could be anything. All these documentation demands many people, good amount of your time on this process so you don’t make any mistakes. Hence, e-stamping came into existence and has become very important these days.

E-stamp online papers are easily available with the banks and other distributor vendors that have been licensed to sell e-stamps. Once you get your papers you will need them to be signed by authorized person, but what do you do when they already have a heap of papers to be signed? This is when, you should opt for e-signatures.

Top 4 Benefits of taking stamp paper online

Taking the documentation process online is easy, fast and hassle-free. Get the Stamp paper signed is a daunting task, especially when you need the process done faster to move things ahead. When uploading your documents on the Cygnature portal one can easily give access to those who need to sign it.

Fast documentation

The entire process of collecting documents, taking them for stamping and then filing them wherever needs is a lengthy process. Cygnature makes its easy for you. You can easily upload the documents in minutes on the portal. Once they are uploaded with stamps once can also verify the e-stamps paper as they come with certification of authentication. Using the certificate UIN number and other details one can easily check its authenticity.

No Fraud

Going online with the documentation process makes sure there are no frauds. Cygnature is built on Blockchain that ranks in security for data and documentations. The biggest fear one has is of data protection. Our solution keeps a track of all your actions in the process of documentation allowing you to see it when you require. It only allows those to sign who has access to it, which means if you have given access to an X person then in no way can a Z person sign the docs.

No shortages in paper

This is one of the biggest advantages, there will never be an issue of paper. There are times when who go to buy stamp papers and you come empty handed as they have no stock left. But with e-stamping this topic is out of discussion. Because there is no need for paper, and it is easily available online by the licensed vendors and banks you don’t have to wait any longer. It brings a whole world of opportunities where you can get your paperwork done faster.

Going Paperless

e-stamps leverage you to go paperless all times. With e-stamp made available buying or selling properties or renting a place or even registering on multiple insurance companies, everything gets easier. Going paperless also helps to save the environment while it gives you the opportunity to complete certain things fast. You can easily get your papers signed and submitted wherever needed. One such example is Madras High Court of going paperless in April 2018.

The process of the Madras High Court (MHC) going paperless got a real shot in the arm with e-stamps, which will facilitate online and offline payment mechanism for court fees, being introduced at the high court’s both principal and Madurai bench on Friday.”

Some Facts on e-stamping

A recent news brought to light that Gujarat Government has made some drastic increases in e-stamping providers. They have added more centres for e-stamping to address the problem of artificial intelligence. Along with licensed stamps vendors and notaries, there are some additional centres for e-stamping facility. At a press conference Revenue Minister Kaushik Patel said that the state has decided to increase the number of vendors who will have the ability to provide people with e-stamping.  He also added that people can easily by stamp duty for e-stamping at any time whether it’s a holiday or a working day.

Closing Note

e-stamping and digitization are two things that take you towards digital transformation. From duty stamping and signing on papers to e-stamping and e-signature on online documents has become a possibility with Cygnature. We have an array of features that make it easy for you to upload your e-stamp papers and have anyone sign it from anywhere in the world. To know more about our premium and exclusive solutions for e-signature and documentation you can visit us on  You can also call us on +91 8975395514 or email us on

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